Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lies , Damn Lies and BBC Statistics .

While gloating over the election results I chanced upon this table on the BBC's website .

(click to enlarge)

I was looking to see how many seats our former masters in the Labour Party had lost . As I was scanning the table , I saw that the Conservatives are down as losing 5 seats , holding 15 .

Haud on !

The Conservatives had 17 seats in the last Parliament (if you include Alex Fergusson , the Presiding Officer , or Speaker).

I make that only 2 losses .

Further investigation shows that something strange has happened with these BBC statistics . They have both Dumfriesshire and Eastwood down as Labour gains from the Conservatives .
This is not the case . Both seats were Labour-held before the election .

Why would our National broadcaster wish to maximise Conservative losses and minimise Labour ones ? Are they not bound by law to be impartial ?

PS. I notice that even The Daily Telegraph is using the same dishonest graphic presentation .
It is identical to the BBC one and seems to have been copied from the same source .


Barbazenzero said...

It's because of the boundary changes.

Prof. Denver worked out that on the new boundaries the 2007 results would have been: SNP 46, Lab 44, Con 20, L-D 17, Grn 1, Ind 1

Virtually all media including STV based all their pre-election figures on Denver's "notional" results.

The BBC are biased, but not on this.

The Young Oligarch said...

Professor Denver's extrapolation is an entirely valid tool to be used by political analysts to craft their campaign strategies , not for journalists to re-invent the past .

It has led the supposedly impartial state broadcaster to put falsehoods on their site .

They would not get away with this in Westminster or European elections . Why do they try it in Scottish ones ?
Do they think no one will notice?

Thanks for posting , though , Barbazenzero .