Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lies , Damn Lies and BBC Statistics .

While gloating over the election results I chanced upon this table on the BBC's website .

(click to enlarge)

I was looking to see how many seats our former masters in the Labour Party had lost . As I was scanning the table , I saw that the Conservatives are down as losing 5 seats , holding 15 .

Haud on !

The Conservatives had 17 seats in the last Parliament (if you include Alex Fergusson , the Presiding Officer , or Speaker).

I make that only 2 losses .

Further investigation shows that something strange has happened with these BBC statistics . They have both Dumfriesshire and Eastwood down as Labour gains from the Conservatives .
This is not the case . Both seats were Labour-held before the election .

Why would our National broadcaster wish to maximise Conservative losses and minimise Labour ones ? Are they not bound by law to be impartial ?

PS. I notice that even The Daily Telegraph is using the same dishonest graphic presentation .
It is identical to the BBC one and seems to have been copied from the same source .

Result !

Just sobered up enough to post this .

While Labour managed to cling on to the marginal seat of Motherwell and Wishaw by a whole 587 votes , our fellow Lanarkshire men across the Clyde have finally thrown off the oppressors' yoke .

The Labour Party machine has been decisively defeated , though it would be foolish to imagine it has been destroyed .

Another victory for freedom .

PS . I noticed that John Swinney couldn't bring himself to pronounce the name of the hated Larkhall when welcoming his victory there . I wonder why ?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Gone To Join Mahoun

A victory for freedom !