Monday, 28 February 2011

The Mither Tongue

I've aye thoucht a masel as a Scots speaker who writes in English . Often this is a disadvantage . Our middle classes and aspirant middle classes have turned their backs on their heritage in the name of snobbery . Our lower classes now prefer to talk like American Negro gangsters , so enamoured are they by the broadcast media and divorced from their true culture . One of my closest relations now says "Yeah" instead of "Aye" . Quite why , I am unsure , he is in his 60's , although I can identify it as a form of cultural surrender .

Many in Glesca refuse to recognise that they speak a dialect of Scots and deride those from outside a 10 mile radius as "teuchters" (highly inaccurate) or "jist fermers"  (partially , but not significantly , true) .

Yet ours is a rich language , spoken by plain men and men of learning for many centuries . John Barbour wrote in Scots for the Scots King when the English monarchy and aristocracy spoke French and English was regarded as a rural patois . Let it be remembered that , such was the strength of the Renaissance in this country , The Aeneid was translated into Scots before it was into English . This is no ill-spoken rustic dialect .

It would be tragic were it to disappear . Or , worse , be killed by the onslaught of meejah culture and aggressive Gaelic promotion .

I am a Scotsman . I speak Scots , not Erse .

The Census , due on the 27th of March , asks questions about our fluency in the guid Scots . It is incumbent on all who love our country and its heritage to answer truthfully and support oor mither tongue .

This fine website is of great assistance and will help many who are culturally unaware .

We must , Nationalists and Unionists , stand up for our identity . I would suggest .

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der Glotzer said...

mar a tha mi air sgrìobhadh àitegin eile, channainsa “Scottish” anns a Bheurla Ghallta an àite “Gaelic” air a son (ged nach robh an righ Seumas cho meusail oirre) air sgàth gu bheil da chànan Albannaich ann an diugh fhathast ach chan eil ach aon leis an t-ainm Albannach bhuapa anns a Bheurla. ‘S e an fhacal “Albais” a tha an t-ainm ùr airson a Bheurla Ghallta an diugh a reir Uicipeid is ‘s e deagh facal a tha seo nam bheachdsa. Carson nach chan na luchd labhairt na h-Albais ruidegin leis an fhacal Scots cuideachd airson an cànan ionadail nas sìne? Neo a bheil iad toillichte gu leòr leis an status quo far nach eil ach aon cànan Scots an diugh.