Monday, 28 February 2011

The Guardian And Race

Having read this egregious article in The Guardian , I was drawn to the inescapable logic of the following comment

A friend of mine's son is a plasterer. Since 2004 his income has declined seriously because he cannot compete with Eastern European workers who live 6 to a house and save money to send home. He cannot afford a place of his own. He is concerned about immigration.

In the world of CIF this young man is a racist.

John Galliano gets drunk in the Marais and tells people that he believes to be Jewish that "your mothers, your forefathers would all have been gassed" and says that he "loves Hitler".

In the world of CIF Galliano is "a bon viveur, yes, racist, no."

The chasm of coherence, logic, ethics and justice between these 2 positions is why the left is disintegrating.
Can't say fairer than that .

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