Monday, 14 November 2011

Yah !

As an old GUU man , sometimes my worst fears are confirmed .

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Read Old Holborn's post here and see what you really think about multiculturalism and the predatory  beasts we have allowed into our country .

Saturday, 13 August 2011

English Riots ?

The SNP and various commentators have been a pain in the neck this week in trying to distance Scotland from the riots down south .

I was out and about in Hamilton last night and there was a very visible (and unusual) police presence .
A good few more hoodies on the streets , as well . In fact , a good number of them recognised me as I staggered between pubs - "Awright , Sur ! When you coming back to Holy Cross ?"

Not only that , but , at about half 11 , two police cars , with sirens and lights on , sped down towards the area of the town where all the large electrical shops are located .

Could Currys be light of a few plasma screens this morning ?

No ! That's only the English who do that !

Friday, 29 July 2011

Quote Of The Day

From Norman Tebbit in The Telegraph -

I have not become rich on politics as Blair, Mandelson and the Kinnocks have done.

Can't say fairer than that .

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Readers from the West of Scotland may recognise the railway station whose new sign is shown above . It serves the Glasgow East End community of Bridgeton , formerly a town in its own right , which has existed in the area since the late 18th Century . A hot-bed of Orangeism and Loyalism , containing the HQ of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland , it is very much a product of Lowland Scotland and the Industrial Revolution .

Scotrail , however , have decided that it is , in fact , Grannie's Heilan Hame , former seat of the High Kings of Teuchterdom , founded by Aoanghas of the Angry Red Beard in 426 (before the arrival of the Gaelic Irish invaders , like Scotland as a whole , it had no inhabitants) . It has merely been squatted in by the evil Sassenach incomers these past few years , the evil colonists who must be driven from this pure stronghold of Gaeldom .

At least , that would seem to be the only fantasy world in which it could possibly justify translating the name of a Lanarkshire town into Gaelic . It has never been written in Scots , where it would be "Brigton".

Here's mair of their p**h

I've already seen another one at Rutherglen , but can't find a photo .

Why not have them written in Urdu or Polish ?  That would fit the demographic a lot more snugly .

Or could it be that Anti-Scottish professional Gaels wish to impose their language upon we natives as part of an opportunistic cultural power-grab ?

Ochone ! Ochone !

Scots is the language of Lowland Scotland , augmented by Scottish Standard English for formal occasions . Gaelic has been nowhere in sight since the early Middle Ages (unless you were hanging about in certain isolated villages in Galloway , of course).

They're getting me angry , these people . And I used to sympathise with their efforts to hang onto their own culture . They should let us hang on to ours .

Monday, 18 July 2011

A Tale Of Two Photos

Gordon Brown savages Rupert Murdoch and News International for invading his privacy and employing " known members of the criminal underworld" to spy upon him .

Gordon Brown showing his disgust at the time of the alleged incidents , when he was only Prime Minister and had no power to deal with them .

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Party Line

Oh , dear !

My mate the Unison official won't be very proud .

On Thursday, Ed Miliband gave an interview to ITV about the public sector strikes. To say that it wasn’t a success is an understatement. Not since George Brown used to go on television smashed out of his wits has a Labour politician made such a hash of things.
Miliband was asked six different questions about the strikes. He replied: “These strikes are wrong at a time when negotiations are under way. The Government has acted in a reckless and provocative manner. It is time for both sides to set aside the rhetoric.”
Fair enough, you may think – but he gave the same answer six times, irrespective of the question. His voice was robotic, his eyes glazed; even his interviewer, Damon Green, was freaked out, as he later confessed. At any moment, you expected a hypnotist to step forward, snap his fingers, and say: “You’re back in the room now, Ed.”
For the Tories, truly this is the gift that keeps on giving. Treat him gently, Dave.

So says The Telegraph's own Torquemada .

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lies , Damn Lies and BBC Statistics .

While gloating over the election results I chanced upon this table on the BBC's website .

(click to enlarge)

I was looking to see how many seats our former masters in the Labour Party had lost . As I was scanning the table , I saw that the Conservatives are down as losing 5 seats , holding 15 .

Haud on !

The Conservatives had 17 seats in the last Parliament (if you include Alex Fergusson , the Presiding Officer , or Speaker).

I make that only 2 losses .

Further investigation shows that something strange has happened with these BBC statistics . They have both Dumfriesshire and Eastwood down as Labour gains from the Conservatives .
This is not the case . Both seats were Labour-held before the election .

Why would our National broadcaster wish to maximise Conservative losses and minimise Labour ones ? Are they not bound by law to be impartial ?

PS. I notice that even The Daily Telegraph is using the same dishonest graphic presentation .
It is identical to the BBC one and seems to have been copied from the same source .

Result !

Just sobered up enough to post this .

While Labour managed to cling on to the marginal seat of Motherwell and Wishaw by a whole 587 votes , our fellow Lanarkshire men across the Clyde have finally thrown off the oppressors' yoke .

The Labour Party machine has been decisively defeated , though it would be foolish to imagine it has been destroyed .

Another victory for freedom .

PS . I noticed that John Swinney couldn't bring himself to pronounce the name of the hated Larkhall when welcoming his victory there . I wonder why ?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Monday, 28 February 2011

The Guardian And Race

Having read this egregious article in The Guardian , I was drawn to the inescapable logic of the following comment

A friend of mine's son is a plasterer. Since 2004 his income has declined seriously because he cannot compete with Eastern European workers who live 6 to a house and save money to send home. He cannot afford a place of his own. He is concerned about immigration.

In the world of CIF this young man is a racist.

John Galliano gets drunk in the Marais and tells people that he believes to be Jewish that "your mothers, your forefathers would all have been gassed" and says that he "loves Hitler".

In the world of CIF Galliano is "a bon viveur, yes, racist, no."

The chasm of coherence, logic, ethics and justice between these 2 positions is why the left is disintegrating.
Can't say fairer than that .

The Mither Tongue

I've aye thoucht a masel as a Scots speaker who writes in English . Often this is a disadvantage . Our middle classes and aspirant middle classes have turned their backs on their heritage in the name of snobbery . Our lower classes now prefer to talk like American Negro gangsters , so enamoured are they by the broadcast media and divorced from their true culture . One of my closest relations now says "Yeah" instead of "Aye" . Quite why , I am unsure , he is in his 60's , although I can identify it as a form of cultural surrender .

Many in Glesca refuse to recognise that they speak a dialect of Scots and deride those from outside a 10 mile radius as "teuchters" (highly inaccurate) or "jist fermers"  (partially , but not significantly , true) .

Yet ours is a rich language , spoken by plain men and men of learning for many centuries . John Barbour wrote in Scots for the Scots King when the English monarchy and aristocracy spoke French and English was regarded as a rural patois . Let it be remembered that , such was the strength of the Renaissance in this country , The Aeneid was translated into Scots before it was into English . This is no ill-spoken rustic dialect .

It would be tragic were it to disappear . Or , worse , be killed by the onslaught of meejah culture and aggressive Gaelic promotion .

I am a Scotsman . I speak Scots , not Erse .

The Census , due on the 27th of March , asks questions about our fluency in the guid Scots . It is incumbent on all who love our country and its heritage to answer truthfully and support oor mither tongue .

This fine website is of great assistance and will help many who are culturally unaware .

We must , Nationalists and Unionists , stand up for our identity . I would suggest .