Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Literary Hypocrisy

I love books , me . I may have mentioned it before .

Look ! I even have a house full of them (although none are by Karl Marx , Antonio Gramsci or Chairman Mao) . And , no , I don't just have this one set of shelves in the photo , books are piled up throughout my untidy flat and stacked in the bottom of the wardrobe .
When the Leftist establishment allows me , I devote my working life to promoting literacy , culture and the love of books and learning .

That's why I can't take the effete whining over the Government's suspension of a £13 million bung to fake charity Bookstart all that seriously .

Let's look , firstly , at the Guardian's emotive picture covering the story , for no particular reason other than that leftie publications love showing such sentimental images of the young , while ignoring their real needs and enslaving them in later life . (Check out the Times Educational Supplement , they do it so well ).

This child clearly can't read . He is too young . The book has no words , only large , colourful cartoons . He appears to believe it is a hat (sensibly enough , he is only a small child ). His nose has been smeared with some grubby substance in an attempt to further sentimentalise the scene : "Little scamp gets up to all sorts of hi-jinks!"

The message - Evvilll Torreee Scuumm Drown Puppies !
The effect of the taxpayer not purchasing this child's colouring-in book ? The child's hair will get wet when it rains .

Indeed , it is instructive to look upon the Left's sentimentalisation of the sub-literate ramblings of the very young , compared to their hostility to the promotion of real literacy and culture amongst older children . Look for anti-intellectual , anti-school sentiments amongst the young and you will find that they are inspired , encouraged and propagated by the leftist culture and its adherents both within and without education .
For every acultural impulse encouraged by leftist media there will be a young leftie teacher mis-spelling instructions on the blackboard and telling "the kids" it would be "cool" if they performed some menial task which would have been an insult to the intelligence of a primary school pupil 20 years ago .

Schools are well-resourced with books . Teachers are well-paid enough to buy extra copies of texts for interested pupils (I know I have given away dozens of my own books in this way over the years . I have even had to supply the text books for small classes which the school refused to buy ).

Why is it a catastrophe if £13million is saved by a bankrupt country by cutting this unnecessary scheme ?

Old Holborn has some of the answers .

Check out , especially the biography of the writer of the Guardian's piece , the one that ends

My old dad always said this country was only interested in educating the top 10%. Everything this mean-minded government does is proving him right.
Self-important , semi-literate , multiculti dross . It is the Left who wish to retard the education of all , especially the bright , in my direct experience .

Real education : Shakespeare and Dickens for all ; Homer and Horace for the brighter .

Socialist education : colouring-in and Party propaganda .

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