Saturday, 4 December 2010

Here I Stand . I Can Do No Other .

I am always amused , and sometimes inspired , by the Anglo-Catholic and Roman Catholic bias of The Daily Telegraph . I was disappointed , therefore , by this hatchet-job on the reputation of the great Reformer Martin Luther in a review of this book (one which I intend to buy , having several others in this excellent series ).

Luther , in the very title , is inspired merely by "A Hatred of Turks , Jews and Papists". This is presumably in contrast to the Roman Catholic hierarchy and feudal Establishment who were motivated by a hatred of Turks , Jews and Heretics , so that's alright , then .

As well as subjecting Luther to criticism based on Multicultural piety the author seeks to link all Protestant theology to Islam .

Rejection of the cult of saints and the virgin Mary is Islamic . Concentration on The Word , rather than superstitious hocus pocus , is Islamic . I only wonder that the reviewer does not see belief in a monotheistic God as peculiarly Islamic .

Revolting review , devoid of any awareness of the reformation .

The jewel , however , comes in this comment posted under the article .
"I suppose you could say that Martin Luther was to multiculturalism what haemorrhoids would be to Lord Mandelson...

Would that we had a cleric with clangers such as he in our religious hierarchy today......"
Can't say fairer than that , except to quote Luther further -

"Who loves not women , wine and song , Remains a fool his whole life long ."

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