Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Our Future King and Queen

Welcome news . Good luck to them both , and to Our Country .

(Those who recently , on Remembrance Sunday , no less , described Our Troops as "Murderers" need not comment .)


Dark Lochnagar said...

I hope you're not talking about me, you old wanker. What I can't understand, genuinely, is your fawning over the Royal Family. Is it an armed forces thing, or from your parents, or were you like me, in the Scouts?

The Young Oligarch said...

MISTER Old Wanker , SIR , to you ,DL !

I was very upset at some of the comments on your site regarding our armed forces , especially as they were made on Remembrance Sunday .

Scouts ? Poof ! BB is the real thing !

More to the point , I don't fawn over the Royal Family , I merely see them as a unifying force who , very helpfully , put our politicians in their place .

What would you rather have , HM The Queen , or President Thatcher ?

I rest my jaiket .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, but you do fawn over them. You've got a picture of the Queen on your blog FFS. I don't know anybody else in all the blogs I've visited in 2 years who do that.
They don't put our politicians in their place, they are running the politicians. Do some research. The Queen should be removed from the throne, in any case, for signing 6 statutes which have passed Westminster responsibilities to the EU, contrary to the act of settlement of 1687 which involved the Orange William and Mary, a fact all men from your area should know about and subsequent provisos for Scotland. You often ask, who I would rather have than the Queen and her brood. Actually I would rather have someone who had been voted in by the people and could be removed if they don't do their job right. That's why I want independence, to keep the politicians closer to the people, like in Iceland.

I'm sorry you were upset at the discussion on my blog, re the armed forces. I didn't at any point call them murderers, but imagined how they could be seen that way from an Muslim point of view. I would always support our troops 100% when they are defending Britain, I just don't think they should be in Iran or Afghanistan to serve oil and gas interests and what's worse being killed for them.

The Young Oligarch said...

Having a picture of our sovereign , protector of our liberty , is not fawning , DL . It is a deliberate rejection of the sneering anti-British , anti-Scottish attitude , inculcated by Marxist Critical Theory , displayed by too many in our country .

You will note that I didn't say YOU had called our troops "murderers" although you did nothing to counter such lurid accusations .

I have to agree with you regarding EU-creep . HM shouldn't have had anything to do with it . I can only assume that she too has succumbed to the spurious idea that elected politicians have a unique authority .

Dark Lochnagar said...

"protector of our liberty". Indeed she is not as you refer to later in your answer. She should have taken a stand when that bastard Heath took us into the EU and the old arsehole knew what we were getting into, right from the start. If he was still alive he should be taken up for treason and the act of succession of 1789 still makes that possible. Hang the bastard Blair!

The Young Oligarch said...

Now you're talking my language , DL !

Hang that c**t Blair ! Then dig up Heath and do to him what they did to godly Cromwell .

Leave HM alone , though .