Monday, 3 May 2010

Yvette Cooper

I saw her being interviewed by Paxman (in the pub , with the sound down).

Without having to listen to her I was quite taken by the way she sat with her leg cocked up , as were my fellow drunks when I pointed this out .

Well and good , you may say .

However , let us remind ourselves of the full horror of her New Labourdom .


Anonymous said...

來給你加油打氣!!!保重!!! ........................................

naplok said...

If your beloved tories get in you might have to get up in the morning
thats the time of day before noon and find a job remember that when you work to make money to keep yourself instead of getting hand outs from the state in fact why don't you put something back in to the the country or is easier to sit there at your computer and pontificate.

The Young Oligarch said...

Thank you for your kind comments naplok .

I will , indeed , be working tomorrow and Friday as I have been for some time .
I am not a NuLabour client .

I will also not be voting for any party called "tories" , nor is any such party beloved by me .

Hope that clears things up .

PS - Lose the "pontificate" bit , or I won't get back into True Blue Labour Larkhall .

naplok said...

well done

naplok said...

Hi T.Y.O. I am happy to hear your news after all a man of your intelligence was just going to waste with the beer,crisps,irn bru&chocalate. I must congratulate on your piece about that SCUMBAG Ted Kennedy back in august.We will not always agree but it is good fun trying

The Young Oligarch said...

Thanks , Naplok .

It's always good to hear from fellow Lanarkshire men (so the spy bit in the sidebar tells me).

Sometimes , because of my health , I can work ; sometimes I can't .

When I can , I do .

I agree with your sentiments about those who WON'T .

Thanks , also , for the compliment about my post on MaryJo Kopechne's killer . It was something I felt very strongly about .

Awra best .