Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rejoice ! Rejoice ! (But not too much).

Stolen from Biased BBC .


naplok said...


The Young Oligarch said...

You're right , naplok .

Bring in the hanging and flogging before we get round to secondary targets like animaline vermin .

I would start with arsenic in the druggies' methadone , but would move on to hanging murderers, rapists and child-molesters , before opening up free-fire zones for Cameronians in our town centres after shutting time .

naplok said...

Well said Sir I agree with a few changes like child murderers/molester first should be used in medical experiments then hanging anyone found with a knife would be flogged/birched in public
in fact sell tickets the money could go to the victims. and finally make parents and their ofsprings take the punishment if they can't control them.

The Young Oligarch said...

Sound proposals , naplok .

I would have the sentences carried out on live TV , just before the National Lottery draw , though .

naplok said...

Lottery great idea if we had 49 to hang instead of the numbered balls the numbers could be picked form the first 6 to die and the bonus from the last to die and before they hang get Jedward to sing to them or would that be to cruel.

The Young Oligarch said...

You've taken that too far , naplok .

Jedward ?

Far too cruel .