Saturday, 8 May 2010

As Ithers See Us

Too bad the U.K. can't afford muddled governance. Its budget deficit will hit 12% of GDP this year, according to the European Commission, and markets are increasingly wary of governments that can't pay their bills. Britain badly needs a new burst of economic growth like the one that Margaret Thatcher's reforms sparked in the 1980s.

The Wall Street Journal's view of the hung Parliament .


naplok said...

Hello T.Y.O. The Yanks no a thing about money but we need heavy industry in this island of ours this is what the money men say will get us out of resession. Mrs Thatcher might have been good for G.B. 25 years ago but she single handed dismantled the heavy industry in this country the woman was power mad.

The Young Oligarch said...

I don't know about the heavy industry bit , naplok . We've got a global economy now and our wages alone would make us unable to compete .
I would like to see the steelworks and shipyards open again , as well , but I can't see how it's going to happen .

As for power mad - that was Jack Jones and the other Trade Union traitors who fought an industrial war against Britain and its people to help out their Russian pals .

naplok said...

Fair comment Y.O. but this country
that we love is fast becomming a nation of call centre's and shop keepers and most of them are part-time workers each goverment that gets in just papers over the cracks
and fill their on pockets.

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