Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Scottish Labour - A Vision For The Future .

Glad to see they've contributed to the debate .

I saw this in the pub a couple of days ago . The most positive comment howled at it was "What a load o'sh**e !"

Everyone's favourite line was "They even took our school milk". That raised a few laughs , although some of the ex-steel workers were still convinced that British Steel could have been kept going without markets and with huge subsidies .

I take the view that , if it had stayed Colville Bros. and not been nationalised by Harold Wilson , there would still be some steel making in Motherwell .

So whose fault was the closure ?

To the metrosexual house-husbands and part-time social workers of New Labour , everything is the fault of the evil English Tories .

Race and class hatred at the same time ? How impressively 1980's Scottish Labour !

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