Thursday, 29 April 2010

Going , Going .....

Hat Tip to A Tangled Web .

Monday, 26 April 2010

The Black Stone

The Blackstone exam (yes , the same Black Stone in The 39 Steps) , one of the most famous viva voce Latin examinations in the English-speaking world ,was competed for this year upon this ancient chair at Glasgow University .

Joel Leslie of Larkhall won the Cowan Medal , on this occasion .

Educated in the old , Scottish tradition , I attempted to compete for this exam in 1988-9 (the last time the competition was run) , but , fool that I am , I gave up half way through to concentrate on drink and slow women .

Having graduated , I trained as a Classics teacher at Jordanhill . Larkhall Academy was one of the schools in which I trained . The department there was murdered in 1997 , so Joel probably didn't have the opportunity to learn Latin at school . I know , I took many of the books to my then school in England .

The amount of work taken to study for this voluntary exam is equal to a whole year's additional coursework . Difficult even for the best of students .

Joel is therefore a very , very clever and motivated young man .

Scholarship is not dead , nor is Western civilisation .

PS In 1989 my colleague Alan Girdwood was a worthy winner and a better scholar , by far , than I .

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pat Condell Speaks !

Never one to hide his opinions ...

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Forget The General Election ....

Sent by Neviglen .

I will join my Rangers-supporting (and a few Sellik-supporting) brethren this afternoon to celebrate or commiserate , as applicable .

Update :

Rangers win the League and Motherwell sit at 4th place . Good season .

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Media Idiocy

Some bint on Sky News has just referred to "military generals" .

Presumably they're the best kind .

Sunday, 18 April 2010

THAT Debate

Sometimes Constantly Furious isn't just a soft , Southern **** .

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Transvestite Comedian Speaks !

Whores and comic turns , right enough .

Thanks for the laugh to Goodnight Vienna .

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Willful Stupidity

Ed West notices the Fairyland Fantasies of the Liberal Left
Clegg has once again trotted out the old chestnut about Britain being some jail-mad prison state, calling Labour and Conservative policy on crime “stupid”.

There are certain liberal myths that largely go unchallenged on television and radio, or in academia, and this is one of them. The others are, in no particular order:

Non-judgmental sex education programmes reduce the level of unwanted pregnancies

Holland has low teenage pregnancy rates because all the kids are given condoms for lunch

If you give more money to the poor in first world countries, they will not be poor anymore

Before the state took over health and education, most people had no access to health and education

Poor Americans are left to die in the street because they have no NHS. Paramedics check their credit cards before saving them

Britain is a nation of immigrants

Muslim scholars preserved the works of Ancient Greece

Willful stupidity on every count .

Western Democracy Derangement Syndrome ?

If you still think the Obamessiah is one of the good guys , compare his subservient bow to the dictator of China

with his treatment of Stephen Harper , Her Majesty's Prime Minister in Canada .

What is his problem with democratically elected leaders who are good friends to his country ?
And why the grovelling , West-loathing sycophancy towards various despots and dictators ?
(OK he did bow and scrape to the Emperor of Japan as well , so maybe there's another motivation ).

Hat tip to Ezra Levant .

Scottish Labour - A Vision For The Future .

Glad to see they've contributed to the debate .

I saw this in the pub a couple of days ago . The most positive comment howled at it was "What a load o'sh**e !"

Everyone's favourite line was "They even took our school milk". That raised a few laughs , although some of the ex-steel workers were still convinced that British Steel could have been kept going without markets and with huge subsidies .

I take the view that , if it had stayed Colville Bros. and not been nationalised by Harold Wilson , there would still be some steel making in Motherwell .

So whose fault was the closure ?

To the metrosexual house-husbands and part-time social workers of New Labour , everything is the fault of the evil English Tories .

Race and class hatred at the same time ? How impressively 1980's Scottish Labour !

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Election News 1

If you watch nothing else on this election , watch Guy News -

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Further evidence of the benefits of the salad bowl/melting pot/some-other-pish-culinary-metaphor of multiculturalism .

From Tesco's in Springburn .

Every Picture Tells A Story

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Chavez v. Havel

Vaclav Havel is , sine dubio , a hero of freedom and Western Civilisation .

His opposition to the Socialist tyranny which blighted his country and the lives of millions has led others (OK , Bill Clinton) to compare him to Gandhi and Mandela .

It is good , therefore that The Guardian publishes his words condemning the vicious , Marxist regime of Hugo Chavez .

The arrest of Oswaldo Álvarez Paz, a former president of Venezuela's Chamber of Deputies, governor of the Venezuelan state of Zulia, and presidential candidate, should concern the entire world because it demonstrates just how far President Hugo Chávez's regime is willing to stray from democratic norms. Standing silent as democracy atrophies in Venezuela is now not only immoral, but is becoming increasingly dangerous for all of Venezuela's people.

Álvarez Paz has a worldwide reputation for being an honourable man devoted to democratic principles. He has bravely sought to alert the world to the persecution that opponents of Chávez and his regime constantly suffer, as well as to the decline of democracy in his country over the decade of Chávez's rule. Indeed, his arrest on 22 March is compelling evidence of the truth of his testimony about the regime's nature, and of the danger that it poses to Venezuelans, whose freedoms apparently are being systematically stripped, and to Latin American more broadly, owing to Chávez's example to other would-be autocrats.

The seeming trigger for Álvarez Paz's arrest appears to have been his statements on Aló Ciudadano (Hello Citizen), a talk show broadcast by the private TV Channel Globovisión. Álvarez Paz commented on a resolution passed by the National Court of Spain (Audiencia Nacional de España) about alleged relations between the Venezuelan government, the Colombian guerilla group Farc, and the Spanish terrorist group Eta. Álvarez Paz rightly called for these allegations to be examined.

But, after simply calling for the law to be enforced and criminal activity investigated, Álvarez Paz was arrested on charges of conspiracy, spreading false information, and incitement of hatred. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

The arrest is important evidence of the promiscuous abuse of the legal system by Chávez and his functionaries in order to persecute, intimidate, and silence those who criticise his government. It also corroborates reports published by international organisations and institutions such as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House about the increasing deterioration of political liberties in Venezuela.

Under Chávez's rule, a radical form of state-sanctioned lawlessness has taken hold in the country. You could say that Venezuela now exists as a "lawless legality", a political system within which officials deny that in making or interpreting laws they are bound in any way by the spirit of justice that underpins those laws.

But the idea of arbitrary power exercised by any leader or political movement, no matter how much he or it claims to represent the poor and downtrodden – as Chávez does – is alien to all concepts of liberty. It is the legalism of the barbarian, and the instinctive political philosophy of all who are in revolt against democratic norms of behaviour.

The world must demand of Venezuela's authorities that they release Álvarez Paz immediately. The Organization of American States and other regional bodies must now forcefully insist on the effective restoration of constitutional norms in Venezuela. Only by doing so can they defend the principles established in the Inter-American Democratic Charter. The OAS needs to act soon, because Venezuelans are due to vote for a new parliament this coming September.

Last year, Chávez won a referendum that he had called to abolish term limits for presidents and other senior elected officials. Now, opinion polls are showing unprecedented levels of discontent over crime, inflation, and power and water shortages. There were big antigovernment protests in Caracas after a privately owned cable television channel, RCTV, was shut down. Venezuelans appear to be prepared to stop their country's steady drift toward dictatorship, which may also explain why Álvarez Paz was arrested.

Everyone who believes in and supports the democratic tide that swept Latin America following the fall of communism in Europe must affirm their commitment to monitoring the weak state of freedom of expression and democratic governance in Venezuela. It is not too late to recall Venezuela to the camp of free and democratic nations. To speak out for the freedom of Álvarez Paz is to defend the freedom of all Venezuelans.

Do El Caudillo Salmond and his henchman Jamie Hepburn know about these abuses in "The Bolivarian Republic"?