Sunday, 14 March 2010

Viva El Caudillo Salmond !

Reports that the SNP has become a responsible party of government , first undermined by Christine Grahame's lunatic ramblings have now been demolished by Jamie Hepburn (below) .

Hepburn has tabled a motion to the Scottish Parliament on
"The Achievements of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela".

The preamble states:
"That the Parliament considers that Venezuela has been transformed through the progressive policies pursued by the Chávez administration in the last decade…"

This'll be the same Bolivarian Republic led by Arch-Loon Hugo Chavez , not only dictator of his own country , but a man who has recently threatened ours' (i.e. Jamie Hepburn's hated British Oppressor-State) with war over the Falklands .

It goes on to express concern that Chávez has been undermined
"by reactionary elements in the United States"

and that America is co-operating militarily with Colombia; attributes the
"recent coup"

in Honduras to
"reactionary forces in the area".

Gerald Warner , in Scotland on Sunday , goes on to demolish the arguments (or should that be attitudes) far better than I could .

One thing he doesn't mention , though , does occur to me .

Both Christine Grahame and Jamie Hepburn are "list" MSPs . That means they are chosen by the party and not the electorate . They are not renegades thrown up by a fickle electorate ; they have been chosen by Salmond himself . It is safe , then , to assume that their lunatic anti-western views are shared off-camera by the great man himself .

Viva El Caudillo Salmond !

As Warner goes on to say
the whole scenario is redolent of an independent Scotland. A state-controlled oil industry haemorrhaging revenue, while the lights go out in the absence of any energy policy, and a president trying to bully his way on to television – that is a vision of Salmondland. No wonder Hepburn and his SNP colleagues identify so closely with Chávez, the paradigm of the Latin-American idiot.

Hugo Salmond (or Alex Chavez) Yesterday .


Goodnight Vienna said...

Like you, I also get tired of reading anti-West/American/British comments of people like Hepburn - and on a local level, anti-English. Salmond wouldn't know a principle if it bit him on the b/side. Apologists don't do it on my behalf. Brown & Co are just as bad.

The Young Oligarch said...

You're right , GV . The anti-English stuff is merely the tip of the anti-Western iceberg .

If truth be told , they hate Scottish history and culture as well , thinking they can make a blank slate of it by keeping the populace uneducated and divorced fom its roots .

Thing is that the font of this anti-English , anti-western , anti-everything mindset is , as you so rightly identify , the Labour Party .

Through all of my early life I heard the jeers of "English Tory Cuts" to justify Labour's planned Soviet takeover of our country .

Traitors . Hang them .

Dark Lochnagar said...

That's a very obscure thread to Alex Salmond, Oli. If you were linking it to LABOUR controlled Glasgow Council, I would agree. And BTW Warner is an overly self important buffoon.

The Young Oligarch said...

Not that obscure , DL .
He is directly responsible for the appointment of these loons as "List" MSPs . You and I don't get a look in - he chooses them and should be held responsible for their lunatic ramblings .

Gerald Warner ? A bit Romish for me (don't like the way he keeps refering to Blue Labour as "Cameronian"). Writes well about all varieties of Leftist rubbish . He got it spot on here .