Monday, 29 March 2010


Diane Abbot ? A big roomy woman .

Normally this would be very good , especially for we large bachelors .

However , Diane seems to have been developing the sort of crude and rudimentary personality cult which would put old Saddam to shame .

In a functioning democracy this would mean "curtains" for Oor Diane . Unfortunately , our corrupt political establishment , in the name of "equality" , thinks this is fine .

P.S. Don't you love the down-trodden status of "whitey" in this video ?
I was especially proud .

(Hat Tip to Oor Rab)

PPS . If they think there's not enough buses and trains in Hackney , maybe they should try Lesmahagow or Coalburn - they're pure hoatching with them .


Diane has sought to sensor the above video , as you may be able to see . Fortunately , Rab has found a link elsewhere .

Children Of The Revolution
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Dark Lochnagar said...

I've told you. That's what happens when you vote for unionist parties! :-)

The Young Oligarch said...

Christine Grahame and her muppet pals are cut from the same cloth as Abbot , DL .

Ethnic politics ? Dontcha love em ?