Monday, 29 March 2010


Diane Abbot ? A big roomy woman .

Normally this would be very good , especially for we large bachelors .

However , Diane seems to have been developing the sort of crude and rudimentary personality cult which would put old Saddam to shame .

In a functioning democracy this would mean "curtains" for Oor Diane . Unfortunately , our corrupt political establishment , in the name of "equality" , thinks this is fine .

P.S. Don't you love the down-trodden status of "whitey" in this video ?
I was especially proud .

(Hat Tip to Oor Rab)

PPS . If they think there's not enough buses and trains in Hackney , maybe they should try Lesmahagow or Coalburn - they're pure hoatching with them .


Diane has sought to sensor the above video , as you may be able to see . Fortunately , Rab has found a link elsewhere .

Children Of The Revolution
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Well . I Put More Lights On ....

Earth Hour . What a load of sh**e !

"Switch off your lights so the baby polar bears won't drown "

P**h !

What does the BBC think ?

My charter doesn't say I have to be neutral , nor do I receive vast amounts of money through a highly regressive tax .

Their's does and they do .

(Hat Tip to Biased BBC)

PS . These guys keep coming up . Mark your target when it comes .

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Leader Speaks !

Can't he take over from Cast Iron Dave at some point ?
A patriot in charge of a major political party would make a change .

(Courtesy of Faustie)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Gitmo Lawyer Traitors

Read this in the Wall Street Journal and see if you believe all the leftie lawyers , protesters and well-known Ethiopian/kid-on Briton Binyam Mohammed .

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Old Labour , Same Danger .

Rab has a good post on Scottish Labour , linking to this fine report on totally unsubstantiated rumour .

Who would have thought that such things were possible in Scottish LabourLand ?

Viva El Caudillo Salmond !

Reports that the SNP has become a responsible party of government , first undermined by Christine Grahame's lunatic ramblings have now been demolished by Jamie Hepburn (below) .

Hepburn has tabled a motion to the Scottish Parliament on
"The Achievements of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela".

The preamble states:
"That the Parliament considers that Venezuela has been transformed through the progressive policies pursued by the Chávez administration in the last decade…"

This'll be the same Bolivarian Republic led by Arch-Loon Hugo Chavez , not only dictator of his own country , but a man who has recently threatened ours' (i.e. Jamie Hepburn's hated British Oppressor-State) with war over the Falklands .

It goes on to express concern that Chávez has been undermined
"by reactionary elements in the United States"

and that America is co-operating militarily with Colombia; attributes the
"recent coup"

in Honduras to
"reactionary forces in the area".

Gerald Warner , in Scotland on Sunday , goes on to demolish the arguments (or should that be attitudes) far better than I could .

One thing he doesn't mention , though , does occur to me .

Both Christine Grahame and Jamie Hepburn are "list" MSPs . That means they are chosen by the party and not the electorate . They are not renegades thrown up by a fickle electorate ; they have been chosen by Salmond himself . It is safe , then , to assume that their lunatic anti-western views are shared off-camera by the great man himself .

Viva El Caudillo Salmond !

As Warner goes on to say
the whole scenario is redolent of an independent Scotland. A state-controlled oil industry haemorrhaging revenue, while the lights go out in the absence of any energy policy, and a president trying to bully his way on to television – that is a vision of Salmondland. No wonder Hepburn and his SNP colleagues identify so closely with Chávez, the paradigm of the Latin-American idiot.

Hugo Salmond (or Alex Chavez) Yesterday .

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fashion Page

Nice frock !

Courtesy of Guido's commentors .

Maybe daytime telly isn't that bad after all !

State Power

Mark Steyn on Canada , Scotland and the ends of state power -

In my piece on American decline for NR a couple of issues back, I tried to emphasize something that I think U.S. conservatives are too complacent about — the impact of Big Government on free peoples:

American exceptionalism would have to be awfully exceptional to suffer a similar expansion of government and not witness, in enough of the populace, the same descent into dependency and fatalism. As Europe demonstrates, a determined state can change the character of a people in the space of a generation or two.

And not just Europe. John O'Sullivan once suggested the entire post-war history of Canada could be summed up in Monty Python's "Lumberjack Song": The eponymous lumberjack hymning the manly virtues of a rugged life "leaping from tree to tree . . . down the mighty rivers of British Columbia" in the preamble has morphed by the third verse into a transvestite in high heels, suspenders, and a bra. From Canada 1945 to Canada 2000 in nothing flat.

Or take Scotland. Most anywhere you go around the planet, from Hong Kong to Hudson's Bay, almost everything that works was created and developed by Scotsmen. Now the whole joint's a statist swamp where government spending accounts for 75 percent of the economy and the menfolk idle away their days on a diet of drugs and fried Mars Bars with a life expectancy in the less salubrious parts of Glasgow getting down to West African standards. They'll never make any contribution to the world again.

Or consider Geert Wilders's address at the House of Lords today, a Dutchman citing Churchill, the Mother of Parliaments, desperate victims of Nazi-ruled Europe listening on their radios for the BBC's famous "This is London . . ." To a significant percentage of the British people and to the entirety of their ruling elites, these are not inspirational evocations of their glorious inheritance but something between a lost language and prima facie evidence of why Wilders is so dangerous he needs to be put on trial.

Second Amendment types insist the same thing could never happen here, but they underestimate the transformative power of government at their peril . . .

Tuesday, 2 March 2010