Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ditch Spineless Cameron

When can we get Sir John Major back ?


Gaze upon the hideous countenance of an enemy of freedom , a man who would enslave us all . Look closely at the sneer of hatred on his ugly coupon - you'll never see him without this expression , especially if you are a native Briton .

Aamer Anwar is a race-hustling lawyer and Socialist Worker . He is never far from the news when far-left agitators and/or terrorists are attempting to stifle freedom .

Here is what he said yesterday about Scots who don't agree with his opinions
Lawyer Aamer Anwar said that the march would serve as a warning to the SDL to "stay away".
That's right . Don't dare venture into a pub in Edinburgh , unless you've been cleared by the Central Committee of whatever grubby , anti-Scottish/British organisation Aamer Anwar is clinging to now .

Here's one of his leftie pals who give the word "student" undeserved and unwanted connotations
Student protester James Nesbitt, 23, from Glasgow, said: "We had spotters out across the city looking for fascists in pubs. We got here quickly but the police are doing everything they can to keep us away from them.

So who is it that are the Fascists , then , matey ?

And another of Anwar's chums from an impeccably liberal organisation
Another of the organisers, Osama Saeed of the Scottish-Islamic Foundation, said: "Today is a further humiliation for the SDL. They only got ten minutes in the rain last November in Glasgow. They didn't even get that today.

"This is only due to good people coming out in numbers to take over Edinburgh's streets. The threat from the far-right cannot be ignored and simply wished away."

Praise be to Allah , that the filthy kaffirs have been driven from the Holy Islamic streets of Edinburgh !

But who else was marching with these illiberal , totalitarian bastards ?

Kenny MacAskill , for one , the Scottish Government Justice Minister who was too "moral" to keep a mass-murdering Islamic terrorist in gaol !
Justice secretary and MSP for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh, Kenny MacAskill, said: "This capital has a proud record of being open to all, and racism has no place here or in modern society.

"The vast majority of people in Scotland embrace equality, diversity and the idea of a one Scotland, many cultures.

"Today is about making a stand against those who would seek to divide and saying to them that their views are not welcome, as well as showing to the world that Scotland will not tolerate such views."

At least we can be sure that freedom is safe , protected by such a government .
A true democrat !

Perhaps the main Opposition party will stand up for the rights of our citizens to go about their lawful business ? Over to the Gray Man -
Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray, who also attended the march, said: "The message from today's rally was up-beat and clear - Scotland will never stand by and allow hatred and bigotry to have its day.

"Scotland is an open, tolerant country. There is no place for - and Scotland will give no platform to - those who would divide our communities and attack our citizens.

There we have it . Truth , Democracy and Freedom in the new , Progressive , Scotland .

Think it's just a handful of shaven-headed Hearts and Rangers fans who'll get this treatment from a quasi-official , Government(and Opposition) supported mob ? Think again .

Be afraid . Be very afraid .


Old Holborn has some disturbing information related to this story .

Freedom !

One for the Scottish Nationalists .....

... especially Christine Grahame .

PS Check out the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle .

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Altering Consciousness

An excellent article on Cultural Marxism by Janet Daley in The Telegraph .

Having lost the great economic argument of the 20th century, the Left had to switch its focus to society itself: if humanity could not be transformed through the redistribution of wealth and the socialist command economy, then it would have to be transfigured by altering social relations.

The object of the exercise was still to produce, in the words of an old Left-wing protest song, a "new world" based on a "new man". But now the new man (sorry, "person") would be formed not by changes in the power of capital or the ownership of the means of production, but in cultural attitudes and behaviour. The revolution now had to be confined to what went on in people's heads: to their values, their assumptions and their reactions to each other.

The phrase "altering consciousness", which had once meant awakening the proletariat to its own economic enslavement, now referred to raising awareness of social injustices, such as intolerance of cultural differences, social inequality, or discrimination against minorities. But the subtext was always self-examination and personal guilt: the indigenous Briton must be trained (literally, by the education system) always to question the acceptability of his own attitudes, to cast doubt on his own motives, to condemn his own national identity and history, to accept the blame even for the misbehaviour of new migrants – whose conduct could only be a reflection of the unfortunate way they were treated by the host population.

And there's much more than that . Give it a read .

One thought , though .

I thought the switch from courting the Proletariat to trying to destroy the culture and courting every "minority" in they could create or subvert came in the aftermath of the First World War ?

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Islamic Dating

Shamelessly stolen before Dark Lochnagar could put it up .

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lest We Forget

In Memory of Corporal Johnnie Moore of The Royal Scots Borderers , and Strutherhill , Larkhall , Lanarkshire .

(Seen here on the left with his comrade , Private Sean McDonald , who died with him ).

Grievously wounded by Our Enemies in pursuit of their Evil Aims , Johnnie fought for life , but didn't make it .

The Lord Bless Him and Keep Him .

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Trial of Geert Wilders

Hat Tip to Barking Spider

LibDem Wisdom On Our Constitution

Nick Clegg has just been quoted on the BBC as describing the Bill of Rights as " a dusty law from the 17th Century" .

What a fudd ! ('scuse the language).

He has no concern for our history , traditions , laws and Constitution .
Much like the rest of the Federasts .

Why do we need shiny , new laws every 5 minutes ? Could it be something to do with the vanity of self-regarding "modern" politicians ?