Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Muslims Invented Everything

India Knight has an entertaining justification for women being permitted to wear masks in public .

The Muslim world was inventing mathematics and architecture when the French were practically still trolls, grunting away in the mire and not looking forward to the annual rinse of the armpits. There are many things wrong with the Muslim world but the idea that its ordinary, non-bonkers, non-extremist millions need to be “civilised” into knowing what’s what sticks in the craw.

Perhaps , next year , she should go her holidays to Athens , rather than Marrakesh .

There , she will be able to gaze upon the Parthenon and reflect upon the fatuity of her remarks .

She may consider that the building was erected by the architects Iktinos and Kallikrates , closely supervised by the famous sculptor Pheidias , between 447 and 432 BC , considerably before Mahoun hid in a tent and imagined his conversations with Allah .

She may also consider that the building did come under Muslim rule under the Ottomans . They turned this sublimely beautiful building into a mosque , complete with minaret ! Oh , the sophistication !

Later they used it as a gunpowder store , which , being hit by Venetian artillery in 1687 , is the reason the building now has no roof .

What fine custodians of culture they have been .

And don't get me started about Thales of Miletos and Pythagoras !

This "Muslims invented everything" line is the worst form of ahistorical rubbish imaginable . Why has it now become accepted as fact ?

Our culture , however , goes back in an unbroken line to Greece and Rome , through the Rennaisance and the Enlightenment almost to the present day .

We should recognise that fact .

As individuals we are equal before God . Our Culture is better by far .


Dark Lochnagar said...

What about the Chinese?

The Young Oligarch said...

Far above anything that used camel salesmen can come up with .
But we're still better than them .

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Whao, our culture goes back in an unbroken line to the Sumerians at least. Why do you think Alexander headed East to the Indus, he was rejoining his forefathers who'd settled there millenia before.

Don't forget that Islam is a political confection designed to drive Byzantium out the Levant. Byzantium where the Sumerians dwelt long, long before the Arabians got camel happy.

The Young Oligarch said...

I'm not sure about that , INCOMING !!! .

Our culture was considerably influenced by the older Near Eastern civilisations , especially during the Archaic Period in Greece and especially through the Phoenicians .

Islam , on the other hand , explicitly rejects all previous cultures , upon which it lives parasitically in the initial phases of conquest . Islam nurtured some very few aspects of the conquered Hellenistic culture in the way empire-builders looked after (Great) Zimbabwe or the Golden Stool of the Ashanti .

Let me repeat , they are not makers of anything much and certainly not inventors of such major areas of human endeavour as mathematics or architecture .

Brain washing political correctness holds that they were . It uses constant repetition to cover up the lack of proof for its assertions .

PS . Alexander may have been Great , but he was a megalomaniac . That , and that alone , got him to the Indus . Mutiny of his troops kept him from going further . His main motivation was to destroy the hated Persian Empire - Porus' kingdom was the eastern part of that .

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Brain washing political correctness will make us forget who we were and where we come from.

The Young Oligarch said...

Precisely , INCOMING !!!

Remember , we're a nation of immigrants .

China discovered everything before us .

Native American wisdom trumps the collected philosophy of the West .

Islam invented mathematics and architecture .

How could we evaluate the true value of our so-called "civilisation" without these timeless truths ?