Friday, 8 January 2010

More Guardian Incongruity

The Guardian also has a lovely obituary of this simple , decent man , Trevor Humphreys .

It occurs to me that the admirable things about this man's life are almost all at odds with the leftist mind-set espoused by the Guardian .

His war service was with the hated British Army , not the heroic International Brigades , nor was he a Communist agent .

He disliked the display of disgusting vengeance meted out on the bodies of Mussolini and his blameless mistress Clara Petacci by the Italian Communists . Was it not enough to shoot only him and dump the body in a shallow grave ?

A Christian fundamentalist and therefore enemy of The Project .

A stalker ("His technique was persistence. "He gave me no peace," said his wife of their courtship) and therefore an enemy of wimmin and The Movement .

One of the boss classes (chief administration officer) at the Coal Board , and therefore an enemy of the workers' struggle .

What a fine man !

How low the British Left have stooped !

PS . How low the British people have sunk (led by the British Left) .
Shame on them and shame on us all !


Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, could I assume with all the oics of the Queen, the Union Flag and the use of the words papist, that you are a supporter of the Orange Order. I only ask because your obvious hatred of socialism is apparent and as you know the Heid Bummer of the Lodge says you should vote Labour. I was just wondering in a cheeky sort of way(!), how that affected you?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sorry that should be pics not oics!

The Young Oligarch said...

DL - thanks for the comment .
On most occasions I sympathise with the Orange Order , but never felt myself able to join .

Basically I can't hate those who were born RCs , which seems to be part of what our Orange friends do in WC Scotland .

I'm a proud Scottish nationalist and a British patriot , in the manner our forefathers found entirely natural before the advent of the SNP .

Her Majesty The Queen is our Head of State and the Union Jack is our flag . I like that . Where's the problem ?

The Young Oligarch said...

You had me worried there with the "Papist" bit , DL .

Then I remembered that poll I keep meaning to take down .

It was the juxtaposition of "Papist" with "Calvinist" and the alliteration with "pseudo-" which made me put it down .

No . I don't shout it at passers-by wearing green clothing .

It's not particularly pejorative , anyway , is it ?

I don't refer to Catholics , though , being one myself according to the Apostles' Creed .

RC or Roman Catholic , when I need to mention it at all .

The Young Oligarch said...

To answer your main , cheeky , point - I wouldn't vote Labour if it was John Knox himself standing for them .

Mr. High Heid Orangeman may tell his followers reluctantly to vote for Labour , but I won't be doing it , as I am not one of his members .

I'm torn between the Conservatives and UKIP at the moment .

If I was still working in England , it would be UKIP , no question about it .

Much as I dislike Cameron and his Tory clique (yes , I'm a Conservative , not a Tory) I feel that , in Scotland I must continue to vote for them to show the colour .

Unless they do something even worse than they have already .

Hope that answers your question .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hmmm. Sorry about the time getting back to you. I was a Conservative myself at one time and if and when we become independent, I probably will be again. I see the SNP as a single issue party. No, I knew you wouldn't shout at ither of the main religons in Scotland or you wouldn't be going to Fir Park rather than Ibrox or Parkheid. Unlike my mate who stays in Wishy who is a Celtic supporter and has never been to a Scotland game. Sad bastard. You know the type. Third generation Irish with him and his father being born here and he still considers himself an Irishman! Prick!

The Young Oligarch said...

Thing about Lanarkshire , DL , is that we're all 3rd-5th generation Irish at some point . The difference appears to be whether our forebears wanted to integrate , or not . I'm called a bigot for saying such a thing , however .
It must be the same in parts of Ayrshire as well .
I sympathise with the independent Scotland bit , as you know , but I'm still 100% British (nearly had a Sir Roy Walensky moment there).

Gave up on my sympathy for the SNP when Swinney shouted about "The Brits" in his 2004 Conference speech . And any time Christine Grahame opens her mouth .