Thursday, 7 January 2010

Homosexual History ?

Further evidence of the homosexualists vociferous attempts to dominate public and private discourse over at the notoriously right-wing Medieval News .

The American Historical Association kicks off its annual meeting today, in San Diego, California, amidst controversy over the choice of location and problems in attendance.

Some of the events are being held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, whose owner contributed heavily to the campaign in the state against same-sex marriage. The 1,625-room resort has been the subject of a boycott by gay-rights activists since July 2008.

How shocking ! These bigots must be forced into penury for expressing their views !

Fortunately The American Historical Association has found a compromise solution .

Instead, the AHA voted for the addition of a mini-convention called AHA Working Group for Historical Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage, which will be held in the hotel. A local same-sex rights group is expected to hold a demonstration on Saturday at the hotel.

I can think of precisely no historical perspectives on same sex marriage .

Wait a minute . There is a passage in Suetonius where Nero is derided for going through a pretend marriage to one of his catamites .

And we all know how happy an ending that had .

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