Saturday, 30 January 2010

Democratic Totalitarianism ?

State Of The Union Address used to brow-beat the Judiciary of the Supreme Court .

What next ? A show trial ?

He'll certainly use it as an excuse to shoe-horn in some more compliant Marxists .
Although the ones already there , including Judge Sotomayor , were not noticeably impressed by his disgraceful behaviour .

Oh . And if you're his political opponents , it's not his fault the public doesn't like his proposals . It's your far-right partizanship .
After all - he's a centrist , isn't he ?

Hat Tip to A Tangled Web


Anonymous said...

Obama was a Community Organiser, which is code for "radical" change agent. That's why what he says and what he does don't match. The idea is to convince you that he is on the same page as you just long enough for him to institute other plans. By the time you notice, it will be too late.

These are exactly the tactics Labour has employed all these years.

Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" (1971) is the blueprint for these people. Hillary Clinton wrote a thesis on Alinsky's work!

The Young Oligarch said...

I know this well , Fausty .

He's not hiding it well anymore , though , is he ?