Saturday, 30 January 2010

Democratic Totalitarianism ?

State Of The Union Address used to brow-beat the Judiciary of the Supreme Court .

What next ? A show trial ?

He'll certainly use it as an excuse to shoe-horn in some more compliant Marxists .
Although the ones already there , including Judge Sotomayor , were not noticeably impressed by his disgraceful behaviour .

Oh . And if you're his political opponents , it's not his fault the public doesn't like his proposals . It's your far-right partizanship .
After all - he's a centrist , isn't he ?

Hat Tip to A Tangled Web

Monday, 25 January 2010

There Was A Lad Was Born In Kyle

But whatna day o' whatna style,

Bookmark this one , if you're interested , to read in those few idle moments at work when reading books , even Burns' books , is impossible .

And enjoy the haggis and whisky tonight , or whenever else during the season you were or will be partaking .

Happy Australia Day !

Our mates in another very important part of the Anglosphere have their national day today .

Let's help them celebrate !

(No , I've not got the date wrong , it's now the 26th in Australia !)

Obama Rationalised

Bloodthirtsty Liberal brings us this welcome piece of news .

(Hat Tip to Obnoxio The Clown).

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Muslims Invented Everything

India Knight has an entertaining justification for women being permitted to wear masks in public .

The Muslim world was inventing mathematics and architecture when the French were practically still trolls, grunting away in the mire and not looking forward to the annual rinse of the armpits. There are many things wrong with the Muslim world but the idea that its ordinary, non-bonkers, non-extremist millions need to be “civilised” into knowing what’s what sticks in the craw.

Perhaps , next year , she should go her holidays to Athens , rather than Marrakesh .

There , she will be able to gaze upon the Parthenon and reflect upon the fatuity of her remarks .

She may consider that the building was erected by the architects Iktinos and Kallikrates , closely supervised by the famous sculptor Pheidias , between 447 and 432 BC , considerably before Mahoun hid in a tent and imagined his conversations with Allah .

She may also consider that the building did come under Muslim rule under the Ottomans . They turned this sublimely beautiful building into a mosque , complete with minaret ! Oh , the sophistication !

Later they used it as a gunpowder store , which , being hit by Venetian artillery in 1687 , is the reason the building now has no roof .

What fine custodians of culture they have been .

And don't get me started about Thales of Miletos and Pythagoras !

This "Muslims invented everything" line is the worst form of ahistorical rubbish imaginable . Why has it now become accepted as fact ?

Our culture , however , goes back in an unbroken line to Greece and Rome , through the Rennaisance and the Enlightenment almost to the present day .

We should recognise that fact .

As individuals we are equal before God . Our Culture is better by far .

Friday, 8 January 2010

More Guardian Incongruity

The Guardian also has a lovely obituary of this simple , decent man , Trevor Humphreys .

It occurs to me that the admirable things about this man's life are almost all at odds with the leftist mind-set espoused by the Guardian .

His war service was with the hated British Army , not the heroic International Brigades , nor was he a Communist agent .

He disliked the display of disgusting vengeance meted out on the bodies of Mussolini and his blameless mistress Clara Petacci by the Italian Communists . Was it not enough to shoot only him and dump the body in a shallow grave ?

A Christian fundamentalist and therefore enemy of The Project .

A stalker ("His technique was persistence. "He gave me no peace," said his wife of their courtship) and therefore an enemy of wimmin and The Movement .

One of the boss classes (chief administration officer) at the Coal Board , and therefore an enemy of the workers' struggle .

What a fine man !

How low the British Left have stooped !

PS . How low the British people have sunk (led by the British Left) .
Shame on them and shame on us all !

Guardian Talks Sense - On Beer !

This article , deploring the attack on Britain's pubs and drinking culture in general , almost makes the Guardian sound like the Liberal paper it once was , rather than the Stalinist , authoritarian propaganda sheet it is in reality .

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Homosexual History ?

Further evidence of the homosexualists vociferous attempts to dominate public and private discourse over at the notoriously right-wing Medieval News .

The American Historical Association kicks off its annual meeting today, in San Diego, California, amidst controversy over the choice of location and problems in attendance.

Some of the events are being held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, whose owner contributed heavily to the campaign in the state against same-sex marriage. The 1,625-room resort has been the subject of a boycott by gay-rights activists since July 2008.

How shocking ! These bigots must be forced into penury for expressing their views !

Fortunately The American Historical Association has found a compromise solution .

Instead, the AHA voted for the addition of a mini-convention called AHA Working Group for Historical Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage, which will be held in the hotel. A local same-sex rights group is expected to hold a demonstration on Saturday at the hotel.

I can think of precisely no historical perspectives on same sex marriage .

Wait a minute . There is a passage in Suetonius where Nero is derided for going through a pretend marriage to one of his catamites .

And we all know how happy an ending that had .