Friday, 31 December 2010

Quote Of The Decade

Junior Chuckle Brother and blood-drenched terrorist godfather Martin McGuinness has commented on the burst pipe crisis in Northern Ireland .
"People should be held to account"
I pass no comment , yet a couple of pictures may speak for me .

Is that a Luger , or are you just , etc., etc., .
And in his days as a knitwear model .

Grauniad Lies

Hat Tip and extra haggis to EU Referendum

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quote Of The Day

From a comment on this article in The Daily Mail
i can't believe how homophobic some of the DM readers are

Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

Personally , I can't believe how precious these homosexualists are , but I don't want to get them sacked or put in gaol for being so .

                   Julian and Sandy , Yesterday .

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Literary Hypocrisy

I love books , me . I may have mentioned it before .

Look ! I even have a house full of them (although none are by Karl Marx , Antonio Gramsci or Chairman Mao) . And , no , I don't just have this one set of shelves in the photo , books are piled up throughout my untidy flat and stacked in the bottom of the wardrobe .
When the Leftist establishment allows me , I devote my working life to promoting literacy , culture and the love of books and learning .

That's why I can't take the effete whining over the Government's suspension of a £13 million bung to fake charity Bookstart all that seriously .

Let's look , firstly , at the Guardian's emotive picture covering the story , for no particular reason other than that leftie publications love showing such sentimental images of the young , while ignoring their real needs and enslaving them in later life . (Check out the Times Educational Supplement , they do it so well ).

This child clearly can't read . He is too young . The book has no words , only large , colourful cartoons . He appears to believe it is a hat (sensibly enough , he is only a small child ). His nose has been smeared with some grubby substance in an attempt to further sentimentalise the scene : "Little scamp gets up to all sorts of hi-jinks!"

The message - Evvilll Torreee Scuumm Drown Puppies !
The effect of the taxpayer not purchasing this child's colouring-in book ? The child's hair will get wet when it rains .

Indeed , it is instructive to look upon the Left's sentimentalisation of the sub-literate ramblings of the very young , compared to their hostility to the promotion of real literacy and culture amongst older children . Look for anti-intellectual , anti-school sentiments amongst the young and you will find that they are inspired , encouraged and propagated by the leftist culture and its adherents both within and without education .
For every acultural impulse encouraged by leftist media there will be a young leftie teacher mis-spelling instructions on the blackboard and telling "the kids" it would be "cool" if they performed some menial task which would have been an insult to the intelligence of a primary school pupil 20 years ago .

Schools are well-resourced with books . Teachers are well-paid enough to buy extra copies of texts for interested pupils (I know I have given away dozens of my own books in this way over the years . I have even had to supply the text books for small classes which the school refused to buy ).

Why is it a catastrophe if £13million is saved by a bankrupt country by cutting this unnecessary scheme ?

Old Holborn has some of the answers .

Check out , especially the biography of the writer of the Guardian's piece , the one that ends

My old dad always said this country was only interested in educating the top 10%. Everything this mean-minded government does is proving him right.
Self-important , semi-literate , multiculti dross . It is the Left who wish to retard the education of all , especially the bright , in my direct experience .

Real education : Shakespeare and Dickens for all ; Homer and Horace for the brighter .

Socialist education : colouring-in and Party propaganda .

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Here I Stand . I Can Do No Other .

I am always amused , and sometimes inspired , by the Anglo-Catholic and Roman Catholic bias of The Daily Telegraph . I was disappointed , therefore , by this hatchet-job on the reputation of the great Reformer Martin Luther in a review of this book (one which I intend to buy , having several others in this excellent series ).

Luther , in the very title , is inspired merely by "A Hatred of Turks , Jews and Papists". This is presumably in contrast to the Roman Catholic hierarchy and feudal Establishment who were motivated by a hatred of Turks , Jews and Heretics , so that's alright , then .

As well as subjecting Luther to criticism based on Multicultural piety the author seeks to link all Protestant theology to Islam .

Rejection of the cult of saints and the virgin Mary is Islamic . Concentration on The Word , rather than superstitious hocus pocus , is Islamic . I only wonder that the reviewer does not see belief in a monotheistic God as peculiarly Islamic .

Revolting review , devoid of any awareness of the reformation .

The jewel , however , comes in this comment posted under the article .
"I suppose you could say that Martin Luther was to multiculturalism what haemorrhoids would be to Lord Mandelson...

Would that we had a cleric with clangers such as he in our religious hierarchy today......"
Can't say fairer than that , except to quote Luther further -

"Who loves not women , wine and song , Remains a fool his whole life long ."

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Our Future King and Queen

Welcome news . Good luck to them both , and to Our Country .

(Those who recently , on Remembrance Sunday , no less , described Our Troops as "Murderers" need not comment .)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Vaclav Klaus Strikes Again !

From Samizdata (aptly enough)
Presenting the climate changes we've been experiencing in the last decades as a threat to the Planet and letting the global warming alarmists use this bizarre argument as a justification for their attempts to substantially change our way of life, to weaken and restrain our freedom, to control us, to dictate what it is we should and should not be doing is unacceptable. Their success in influencing millions of quite rational people all around the world is rather surprising. How is it possible that they are so successful in it? And so rapidly? For older doctrines and ideologies, it took usually much longer to get such an influential and widely shared position in society. Is this because of the specifics of our times? Is this because we are continuously "online"? Is this because religious and other metaphysical ideologies have become less attractive and less persuasive? Is this because of the need to promptly refill the existing spiritual emptiness – connected with "the end of history" theories – with a new “noble cause," such as saving the Planet?

The environmentalists succeeded in discovering a new "noble cause". They try to limit human freedom in the name of "something" that is more important and more noble than our very down-to-earth lives. For someone who spent most of his life in the "noble" era of communism this is impossible to accept.

Vaclav Klaus
A! Fredome is a noble thing
Fredome mays man to haiff liking.
Fredome all solace to man giffis,
He levys at es that frely levys.

John Barbour "The Bruce"

A Forgotten World

Reading quite a bit about Austria-Hungary recently . It strikes me that , un-enlightened though some of it's authoritarian methods were , Central Europe is and was immeasurably poorer for the collapse of this monarchy . Ask the Germans of Budweis and Klausenburg , the Magyars of Komarom , the Italians of Istria and Dalmatia or the Jews anywhere .

Here's their national anthem "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser"

Words here .

A window on a world utterly , utterly gone .

Sad .

Friday, 1 October 2010

Climate Nazis "Miss The Mark"

Mrs. Dale has put up a video originally released by absurd climate-alarmist group 10.10 .

Tasteful , isn't it ?

Here's the group's feeble response when they realise that not everyone finds the evisceration , maceration even , of political opponents all that acceptable .

Many people found the resulting film extremely funny
Yes .

Extreme political ideology can make all sorts of things amusing .

Great fun , eh ? And all so very amusing .

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

"Spud" Murphy for Shadow Cancellor ?

Who said that building an RC school in Clarkston was a bad idea ?

Full rumour here .

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Some interesting stuff by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian about Obama , B.P. and politically convenient hysteria generally .

"Hardly a day passed without the president castigating BP, the hated "British Petroleum" – never its American site operators, Transocean and Halliburton, or his own regulators. It was a field day for xenophobes. The president used the sort of language normally visited on global terrorists. He was going to "get BP" and make them "pay for this". It was another Hurricane Katrina, but one that could thankfully be blamed on foreigners. A Louisiana seafood supplier declared: "If I had a bomb, I would put it on London" – which would have him in Guantánamo Bay if he were Muslim and speaking of New York. Foreigners had raped America. It was they, they, they …

Now, mysteriously, Obama speaks of we, we, we … who "have this thing under control""

"The imperative to exploit public fear is as old as power itself, but modern media give it a new menace. It enables leaders to suppress the dictates of reason and, however briefly, mesmerise the public into obedience. In 2003 Tony Blair decided to show off by sending 400 Household Cavalry in tanks to Heathrow "to counter terrorism", as a preliminary to a blitz of legislation curbing civil liberty. The image of a city under siege wiped millions off Britain's tourism account, but Blair got his legislation."

"There was no threat to Britons, or the world, proportionate with the response to last spring's ash cloud, swine flu, Osama bin Laden or, for that matter, to liquids in carry-on flight bags. Europe's airport giants are even now wrestling with the question of whether a camembert is a "liquid".

The great conflation of fear – often egged on by "the science" – is the result of government gladly allowing itself to go mad for a day, to raise a fear, glean a headline or win a budget rise. Obama grotesquely exaggerated the oil threat to advance his personal and party cause. He is now struggling to downplay it."

Monday, 16 August 2010

Moderate Islam in Egypt

Muslim Attacks On Copts In Egypt
From Assyrian International News Agency

Muslim Cleric Calls for Jihad, Coptic Christians Attacked in Egypt


(AINA) -- On August 13 Sheikh Tobah, Imam of the village of Shimi 170 KM south of Giza, called during Muslim Friday prayers for Jihad against Christians living there. As a result the Christian Copts living in the village were assaulted over two consecutive days. Eleven Copts were hospitalized and many Coptic youths were arrested.

The assaults begain a couple of hours after the Sheikhs incitement. An argument between Copt Maher Amin, who was washing his taxi, and Mohamed Ali Almstaui, a Muslim extremist from the village, escalated into violence as Mohamad assaulted Maher. The altercation was stopped by bystanders. However, after the evening break of Ramadan fast, Ahmad, the brother of the perpetrator Mohamad, who is reported to belong to an extremist organization, together with twenty other men, went to Maher's family home, breaking down the door and assaulting him and his family with batons, including his old mother and his paralyzed sister, injuring them and breaking their furniture.

Security forces came and took away the Christian victims and kept them at the station in spite of their wounds, to pressuree them into accepting "reconciliation" with their attackers. None of the Muslims were arrested.

Saad Gamal, Egyptian MP for Elsaff, phoned from Gaza, where he is on a visit, and gave orders to the police to force reconciliation on the Coptic parties.

"I was against reconciliation, because I know that the culprits know that they can assault Copts, and in the end it will boil down to Copts giving up all their rights with the reconciliation sessions," said Reverend Ezra Nageh of St. George's Church in Elsaff.

"I was told by the security authorities that for the sake of the Holy month of Ramadan, everyone ought to make peace."

The next day, after the compulsory reconciliation between the Amin family and Almstaui family, a large number of Muslims were gathered by the Almstauis and attacked again the houses of the Copts, beaten the inhabitants, and went to the fields and assaulted the Copts there also.

"Why should they not do that, when they are told that the MP will defend them," said Rev. Ezra, adding the police have yet to issue a report about the incidents, because they were afraid of the MP. "So to whom should we go for help? MP Saad Gamal hates Christians, and President Mubarak pretends that he is not present or unaware of our plight."

Ghali Tawfik, one of the Coptic victims, said "We are forced into reconciliation and in less than 24 hours, we are assaulted again."

In an aired audio interview with activist Wagih Yacoub, Maher Amin said "they have humiliated us. We were beaten and we could not do anything about it. We are weak and helpless and have to accept reconciliation. They will next come to our homes and rape our women, and we will not be able to do anything about it."

Karam Bebawy, another Coptic victim, said the arrival of strangers to the village two weeks ago "with long beards and wearing short dresses like the Islamists" have a hand in poisoning the atmosphere in their village and inciting the Muslims against the Copts. He said that his Muslim neighbors have turned against him without reason since then.

Police today released the assaulted Copts who were detained on Friday and arrested three new Coptic youths in their twenties on charges of having some old cases against them. They were transferred to State Security. However, Rev. Ezra said that State Security is using the same old trick, which is detaining innocent Copts and fabricating crimes against them, to twist the arm of the church into accepting a forced reconciliation.

The village mayor, Sheikh Saad contacted Rev. Ezra on August 14, regarding a second reconciliation, but he flatly refused.

"They attack us today and force reconciliation on us. Are they waiting for us to be killed tomorrow and then they would think about the rule of law?" asked Reverend Ezra.

By Mary Abdelmassih

(The Iconoclast)

The Religion Of Peace

(The Iconoclast)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The End of Britain ?

FrontPageMag in the US has a clearer view of the Lib-Dem proposed electoral reform than many have dared express in our country .
The changes that the parties have agreed to will transform the British government from a decisive decision-making machine into a morass of compromise, half-measures and deadlock. Gridlock will be exported across the ocean to the United Kingdom.

The Liberal/Social Democrats are pushing this change in the hopes that there may never again be a parliamentary majority for the Conservatives or Labor and that they will always hold the balance of power in a hung parliament.

Why does no one talk like that here ? Is it the effect of being nice to coalition partners ? Or is it that the Loyal (ha , ha) Opposition favour a similar hare-brained scheme ?

Monday, 12 July 2010

World Cup - Part 2

Well done , our Spanish friends !

Although , beautiful as their young women are ,

I still marginally prefer their Dutch equivalents ...

and their interesting undergarments .

(Hat Tip to

Sunday, 11 July 2010

World Cup Final

In the absence of Brazil ...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Germany v. England

German fans after their (obviously flukey) victory over our English countrymen .

One guy starts singing in English about 2/3 of the way through . It had me laughing .

Marching Season

This one is for Dark Lochnagar and all the other Loyal bears out there .

Friday, 25 June 2010

Teacher's New Year

Yippee !!

Seven weeks without the ankle-biters and trainee criminals !!!

All police leave cancelled throughout Scotland , but I don't give a flying f**k !
I'm away to the pub !

Saturday, 29 May 2010


Ooooh ! Bookshelves !

Ikea . £29.95 * 2 .

All these books were on the settee , so now I have somewhere to loll around when shouting at BBC News .

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Labour's Not-So Hidden Agenda

From The Telegraph's blogs
1) Labour ruin economy and lose election
2) Tories win election and repair economy
3) Proletariat revolt
4) Labour win election
5) Repeat 1-4 (since 1945)

Still . What are decades of misery and deception when it comes to the forward march of "The Project" ?

Remind any of your pals thick enough to vote for these scum of these salient facts at every opportunity .

Some guys I know actually still think they're voting to keep Ravenscraig open , rather than for compulsory buggery and the Police State .

Monumental stupidity .

Friday, 21 May 2010

The Hidden Truth

Namibia knows the score !

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

A Tangled Web has some good stuff on this , as does Mark Steyn .

Shame I can't draw .

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Job ?

His Serene Highness The First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade and Lord President of the Council appears to have taken on some new responsibilities on his last day in office .

Also stolen from Biased BBC .

Maybe I should make up my own material ? Nah !

Rejoice ! Rejoice ! (But not too much).

Stolen from Biased BBC .

Saturday, 8 May 2010

As Ithers See Us

Too bad the U.K. can't afford muddled governance. Its budget deficit will hit 12% of GDP this year, according to the European Commission, and markets are increasingly wary of governments that can't pay their bills. Britain badly needs a new burst of economic growth like the one that Margaret Thatcher's reforms sparked in the 1980s.

The Wall Street Journal's view of the hung Parliament .

Monday, 3 May 2010

Yvette Cooper

I saw her being interviewed by Paxman (in the pub , with the sound down).

Without having to listen to her I was quite taken by the way she sat with her leg cocked up , as were my fellow drunks when I pointed this out .

Well and good , you may say .

However , let us remind ourselves of the full horror of her New Labourdom .

Nice Old Lady Meets The New Left

And some folk out there still seem to think Labour is the party of the working , as opposed to chattering , classes .

The Daily Mash has the whole story .
"Meaning-wise, 'bigot' has been on shaky ground for quite some time and, like most bad things, it's entirely the fault of The Guardian.

"Guardian readers think anyone who doesn't love The Wire is a bigot. They think anyone who hasn't had an interesting experience in a two-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City is a bigot. They think anyone who doesn't like Greco-Javanese fusion food is a bigot.

"Meanwhile, anyone who hasn't read a book about the right-wing media conspiracy against Hezbollah is the absolute worst kind of bigot and of course they now think I'm an appalling bigot for pointing that out.

"But perhaps most damning of all is that these are the sort of twisted, ruined people who will endure at least 15 minutes of The Kumars at Number 42 simply to prove that everyone else is intellectually evil."

Then it gets better
"Mrs Duffy said 'You can't say anything about immigrants... all these eastern Europeans are coming in, where are they flocking from?'. So let's just examine that one section at a time.

"Now, the first bit is factually correct. You can't say anything about immigrants and I'm fairly confident that we all understand that now.

"The second bit is a little tricky because it does seem to answer its own question - which Guardian readers have pointed out many, many, many times. But of course what she really meant was 'I'm just a normal old lady and I don't really know why any of this is happening'.

"But Guardian readers should continue to patronise her anyway because that just impresses the grade-A shite out of everyone."

Tom Logan added: "The really wonderful thing is that the original meaning of bigot was 'sanctimonious hypocrite', so in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary we're going to go back to our etymological roots and adjacent to the word 'bigot' it will simply say 'noun - a reader of The Guardian'.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

To The Lubyanka For Him !

Hat Tip to Constantly Furious .

Get Cameron Out !

Philip Lardner , Conservative and Unionist candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran , was last week sacked and suspended from the Party for expressing views on Sodomy which David Cameron described as "deeply offensive and unacceptable" .

Here are these views -
“I will always support the rights of homosexuals to be treated within concepts of (common-sense) equality and respect, and defend their rights to choose to live the way they want in private, but I will not accept that their behaviour is ‘normal’ or encourage children to indulge in it. The promotion of homosexuality by public bodies (as per clause 28/ Section 2a in Scotland), was correctly outlawed by Mrs Thatcher’s government.

“Toleration and understanding is one thing, but state-promotion of homosexuality is quite another. Why should Christian churches be forced by the government to employ homosexuals as ‘ministers’ against all that the Bible teaches? They are being forced by the government to betray their mission – would the Equality and Human Rights Commission be fined for refusing a job to Nick Griffin? Christians (and most of the population) believe homosexuality to be somewhere between ‘unfortunate’ and simply ‘wrong’ and they should not be penalised for politely saying so – good manners count too, of course. The current ‘law’ is wrong and must be overturned in the interests of freedom as well as Christian values.”

No mention of persecution or imprisonment for homosexuals . Only moderation .

But Cameron thinks this is "deeply offensive and unacceptable".

Peter Hitchins has some excellent things to say about Cameron's PC agenda in this article .

I assume here that my readers mostly agree with me about what this country needs. It needs its independence back, so it can make its own laws and control its own coasts and territorial seas, its armed forces, its foreign policy – like a proper nation.

It needs to regain control of its borders and end the mass immigration which is neither necessary nor good.

It needs to stop the destruction of the married family and the undermining of adult authority.

It needs to use the law to restrain the grotesque abuse of alcohol and the dangerous spread of drugs.

It needs to restore the idea that crime and disorder should be prevented by a police force patrolling on foot – and where that fails, the criminals should be punished in austere and ­disciplined prisons.

It needs schools which teach proper subjects in orderly and peaceful classrooms.

It needs to shrink and reform a grotesque, unjust welfare state which rewards sloth and neglects the truly poor.

It needs – urgently – to defeat the politically correct fundamentalist zealots, who sneer ‘Bigot!’ at anyone who dares defend the reasonable beliefs and opinions which were normal a generation ago.

Some of you may also agree with me that it needs to reassert its debt and its allegiance to the Christian religion, on which our unique civilisation of orderly freedom is based.

David Cameron pretends skilfully to agree with these positions because he knows that is what you think.

But he does not really agree with you or me. He is himself deeply politically correct (he has just sacked a parliamentary candidate for having the ‘wrong’ opinions about homo­sexuality, a fact a grovelling media have not publicised).

His supposed ‘Euroscepticism’ is bluster which collapses when it comes into contact with reality, as over the Lisbon Treaty.

On Thursday night he ‘guaranteed’ he wouldn’t enter the Euro. He once also ‘guaranteed’ a referendum on Lisbon, a commitment he slithered out of as soon as it became difficult.

These ‘guarantees’ fly from his lips whenever he needs to please a crowd, but they are less valuable than Greek Junk Bonds.

His alleged support for marriage (dragged out of him under pressure) is a token and a gimmick, as convincing and genuine as a supermarket price-cut.

His pose as the foe of immigration is profoundly dishonest. He knows that, as long as we stay inside the EU, much immigration to this country is beyond his power to control.

Readers of this column over the past few years will have seen the many detailed instances of Mr Cameron’s duplicity that I have provided.

And, because there is not space for them all here, I have compiled a full charge sheet against Mr Cameron and his party, in which I show his true aims and opinions, and those of his colleagues.

It can be found on the web at

He is truly what he once said he was – the Heir to Blair.
If he wins, he will – as the first Tory leader to win an Election in 18 years – have the power to crush all his critics in the Tory Party.

He will be able to say that political correctness, green zealotry, a pro-EU position and a willingness to spend as much as Labour on the NHS have won the day.

He will claim (falsely) that ‘Right-wing’ policies lost the last three Elections.

Those Tory MPs who agree with you and me will be cowed and silenced for good. The power will lie with the A-list smart set, modish, rich metropolitan liberals hungry for office at all costs who would have been (and who in the case of one of the older ones actually was) in New Labour 13 years ago.
And then where will you have to turn for help as the PC, pro-EU bulldozer trundles across our landscape destroying what is good and familiar and replacing it with a country whose inhabi­tants increasingly cannot recognise it as their own?

UKIP for me !

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thanks Be To Allah !

Simon Hughes - the Straight Choice -

Vote LibDem .

PS You only need to watch the first 30-40 seconds for the full effect .

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Monday, 26 April 2010

The Black Stone

The Blackstone exam (yes , the same Black Stone in The 39 Steps) , one of the most famous viva voce Latin examinations in the English-speaking world ,was competed for this year upon this ancient chair at Glasgow University .

Joel Leslie of Larkhall won the Cowan Medal , on this occasion .

Educated in the old , Scottish tradition , I attempted to compete for this exam in 1988-9 (the last time the competition was run) , but , fool that I am , I gave up half way through to concentrate on drink and slow women .

Having graduated , I trained as a Classics teacher at Jordanhill . Larkhall Academy was one of the schools in which I trained . The department there was murdered in 1997 , so Joel probably didn't have the opportunity to learn Latin at school . I know , I took many of the books to my then school in England .

The amount of work taken to study for this voluntary exam is equal to a whole year's additional coursework . Difficult even for the best of students .

Joel is therefore a very , very clever and motivated young man .

Scholarship is not dead , nor is Western civilisation .

PS In 1989 my colleague Alan Girdwood was a worthy winner and a better scholar , by far , than I .

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pat Condell Speaks !

Never one to hide his opinions ...

Hat Tip to Fausty .

Forget The General Election ....

Sent by Neviglen .

I will join my Rangers-supporting (and a few Sellik-supporting) brethren this afternoon to celebrate or commiserate , as applicable .

Update :

Rangers win the League and Motherwell sit at 4th place . Good season .

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Media Idiocy

Some bint on Sky News has just referred to "military generals" .

Presumably they're the best kind .

Sunday, 18 April 2010

THAT Debate

Sometimes Constantly Furious isn't just a soft , Southern **** .

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Transvestite Comedian Speaks !

Whores and comic turns , right enough .

Thanks for the laugh to Goodnight Vienna .

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Willful Stupidity

Ed West notices the Fairyland Fantasies of the Liberal Left
Clegg has once again trotted out the old chestnut about Britain being some jail-mad prison state, calling Labour and Conservative policy on crime “stupid”.

There are certain liberal myths that largely go unchallenged on television and radio, or in academia, and this is one of them. The others are, in no particular order:

Non-judgmental sex education programmes reduce the level of unwanted pregnancies

Holland has low teenage pregnancy rates because all the kids are given condoms for lunch

If you give more money to the poor in first world countries, they will not be poor anymore

Before the state took over health and education, most people had no access to health and education

Poor Americans are left to die in the street because they have no NHS. Paramedics check their credit cards before saving them

Britain is a nation of immigrants

Muslim scholars preserved the works of Ancient Greece

Willful stupidity on every count .

Western Democracy Derangement Syndrome ?

If you still think the Obamessiah is one of the good guys , compare his subservient bow to the dictator of China

with his treatment of Stephen Harper , Her Majesty's Prime Minister in Canada .

What is his problem with democratically elected leaders who are good friends to his country ?
And why the grovelling , West-loathing sycophancy towards various despots and dictators ?
(OK he did bow and scrape to the Emperor of Japan as well , so maybe there's another motivation ).

Hat tip to Ezra Levant .

Scottish Labour - A Vision For The Future .

Glad to see they've contributed to the debate .

I saw this in the pub a couple of days ago . The most positive comment howled at it was "What a load o'sh**e !"

Everyone's favourite line was "They even took our school milk". That raised a few laughs , although some of the ex-steel workers were still convinced that British Steel could have been kept going without markets and with huge subsidies .

I take the view that , if it had stayed Colville Bros. and not been nationalised by Harold Wilson , there would still be some steel making in Motherwell .

So whose fault was the closure ?

To the metrosexual house-husbands and part-time social workers of New Labour , everything is the fault of the evil English Tories .

Race and class hatred at the same time ? How impressively 1980's Scottish Labour !

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Election News 1

If you watch nothing else on this election , watch Guy News -

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Further evidence of the benefits of the salad bowl/melting pot/some-other-pish-culinary-metaphor of multiculturalism .

From Tesco's in Springburn .

Every Picture Tells A Story

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Chavez v. Havel

Vaclav Havel is , sine dubio , a hero of freedom and Western Civilisation .

His opposition to the Socialist tyranny which blighted his country and the lives of millions has led others (OK , Bill Clinton) to compare him to Gandhi and Mandela .

It is good , therefore that The Guardian publishes his words condemning the vicious , Marxist regime of Hugo Chavez .

The arrest of Oswaldo Álvarez Paz, a former president of Venezuela's Chamber of Deputies, governor of the Venezuelan state of Zulia, and presidential candidate, should concern the entire world because it demonstrates just how far President Hugo Chávez's regime is willing to stray from democratic norms. Standing silent as democracy atrophies in Venezuela is now not only immoral, but is becoming increasingly dangerous for all of Venezuela's people.

Álvarez Paz has a worldwide reputation for being an honourable man devoted to democratic principles. He has bravely sought to alert the world to the persecution that opponents of Chávez and his regime constantly suffer, as well as to the decline of democracy in his country over the decade of Chávez's rule. Indeed, his arrest on 22 March is compelling evidence of the truth of his testimony about the regime's nature, and of the danger that it poses to Venezuelans, whose freedoms apparently are being systematically stripped, and to Latin American more broadly, owing to Chávez's example to other would-be autocrats.

The seeming trigger for Álvarez Paz's arrest appears to have been his statements on Aló Ciudadano (Hello Citizen), a talk show broadcast by the private TV Channel Globovisión. Álvarez Paz commented on a resolution passed by the National Court of Spain (Audiencia Nacional de España) about alleged relations between the Venezuelan government, the Colombian guerilla group Farc, and the Spanish terrorist group Eta. Álvarez Paz rightly called for these allegations to be examined.

But, after simply calling for the law to be enforced and criminal activity investigated, Álvarez Paz was arrested on charges of conspiracy, spreading false information, and incitement of hatred. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

The arrest is important evidence of the promiscuous abuse of the legal system by Chávez and his functionaries in order to persecute, intimidate, and silence those who criticise his government. It also corroborates reports published by international organisations and institutions such as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House about the increasing deterioration of political liberties in Venezuela.

Under Chávez's rule, a radical form of state-sanctioned lawlessness has taken hold in the country. You could say that Venezuela now exists as a "lawless legality", a political system within which officials deny that in making or interpreting laws they are bound in any way by the spirit of justice that underpins those laws.

But the idea of arbitrary power exercised by any leader or political movement, no matter how much he or it claims to represent the poor and downtrodden – as Chávez does – is alien to all concepts of liberty. It is the legalism of the barbarian, and the instinctive political philosophy of all who are in revolt against democratic norms of behaviour.

The world must demand of Venezuela's authorities that they release Álvarez Paz immediately. The Organization of American States and other regional bodies must now forcefully insist on the effective restoration of constitutional norms in Venezuela. Only by doing so can they defend the principles established in the Inter-American Democratic Charter. The OAS needs to act soon, because Venezuelans are due to vote for a new parliament this coming September.

Last year, Chávez won a referendum that he had called to abolish term limits for presidents and other senior elected officials. Now, opinion polls are showing unprecedented levels of discontent over crime, inflation, and power and water shortages. There were big antigovernment protests in Caracas after a privately owned cable television channel, RCTV, was shut down. Venezuelans appear to be prepared to stop their country's steady drift toward dictatorship, which may also explain why Álvarez Paz was arrested.

Everyone who believes in and supports the democratic tide that swept Latin America following the fall of communism in Europe must affirm their commitment to monitoring the weak state of freedom of expression and democratic governance in Venezuela. It is not too late to recall Venezuela to the camp of free and democratic nations. To speak out for the freedom of Álvarez Paz is to defend the freedom of all Venezuelans.

Do El Caudillo Salmond and his henchman Jamie Hepburn know about these abuses in "The Bolivarian Republic"?

Monday, 29 March 2010


Diane Abbot ? A big roomy woman .

Normally this would be very good , especially for we large bachelors .

However , Diane seems to have been developing the sort of crude and rudimentary personality cult which would put old Saddam to shame .

In a functioning democracy this would mean "curtains" for Oor Diane . Unfortunately , our corrupt political establishment , in the name of "equality" , thinks this is fine .

P.S. Don't you love the down-trodden status of "whitey" in this video ?
I was especially proud .

(Hat Tip to Oor Rab)

PPS . If they think there's not enough buses and trains in Hackney , maybe they should try Lesmahagow or Coalburn - they're pure hoatching with them .


Diane has sought to sensor the above video , as you may be able to see . Fortunately , Rab has found a link elsewhere .

Children Of The Revolution
Uploaded by Ithascometomyattention. - Watch the latest news videos.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Well . I Put More Lights On ....

Earth Hour . What a load of sh**e !

"Switch off your lights so the baby polar bears won't drown "

P**h !

What does the BBC think ?

My charter doesn't say I have to be neutral , nor do I receive vast amounts of money through a highly regressive tax .

Their's does and they do .

(Hat Tip to Biased BBC)

PS . These guys keep coming up . Mark your target when it comes .

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Leader Speaks !

Can't he take over from Cast Iron Dave at some point ?
A patriot in charge of a major political party would make a change .

(Courtesy of Faustie)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Gitmo Lawyer Traitors

Read this in the Wall Street Journal and see if you believe all the leftie lawyers , protesters and well-known Ethiopian/kid-on Briton Binyam Mohammed .

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Old Labour , Same Danger .

Rab has a good post on Scottish Labour , linking to this fine report on totally unsubstantiated rumour .

Who would have thought that such things were possible in Scottish LabourLand ?

Viva El Caudillo Salmond !

Reports that the SNP has become a responsible party of government , first undermined by Christine Grahame's lunatic ramblings have now been demolished by Jamie Hepburn (below) .

Hepburn has tabled a motion to the Scottish Parliament on
"The Achievements of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela".

The preamble states:
"That the Parliament considers that Venezuela has been transformed through the progressive policies pursued by the Chávez administration in the last decade…"

This'll be the same Bolivarian Republic led by Arch-Loon Hugo Chavez , not only dictator of his own country , but a man who has recently threatened ours' (i.e. Jamie Hepburn's hated British Oppressor-State) with war over the Falklands .

It goes on to express concern that Chávez has been undermined
"by reactionary elements in the United States"

and that America is co-operating militarily with Colombia; attributes the
"recent coup"

in Honduras to
"reactionary forces in the area".

Gerald Warner , in Scotland on Sunday , goes on to demolish the arguments (or should that be attitudes) far better than I could .

One thing he doesn't mention , though , does occur to me .

Both Christine Grahame and Jamie Hepburn are "list" MSPs . That means they are chosen by the party and not the electorate . They are not renegades thrown up by a fickle electorate ; they have been chosen by Salmond himself . It is safe , then , to assume that their lunatic anti-western views are shared off-camera by the great man himself .

Viva El Caudillo Salmond !

As Warner goes on to say
the whole scenario is redolent of an independent Scotland. A state-controlled oil industry haemorrhaging revenue, while the lights go out in the absence of any energy policy, and a president trying to bully his way on to television – that is a vision of Salmondland. No wonder Hepburn and his SNP colleagues identify so closely with Chávez, the paradigm of the Latin-American idiot.

Hugo Salmond (or Alex Chavez) Yesterday .