Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Arbeit Macht Dünn

Following the recent pronouncements of Professor Michael McMahon , regarding those who are at tad chubby not being "normal" , I am confused by the following two articles .

Which is the real one ? This ... or this ...?

Sunday, 28 June 2009

This Land

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

SNP Lunacy

In common with a large number of Scots , I have a soft spot for Mr. Alex Salmond's SNP administration . His rotund joviality and wise-cracking style are a blast of cool , clear air into the foetid swamp of Labour-dominated Scottish politics .
Unfortunately , just behind his well-padded shoulders , stand screaming lunatics like Christine Grahame , list MSP for the South of Scotland (and therefore directly elected by Mr.Salmond and not the electorate).

Ms.Grahame is the woman who , famously issued a press release calling , Scotland's flag ,the Union Jack , a "butcher's apron" ,"a tarnished global image" and that this was a view supported by "most Scots" .
She has also called for such pressing Scottish needs as the repatriation of Mary , Queen of Scots remains , re-annexation of Berwick and obstruction of the Borders Rail Link .

Now she has found a real cause to fight .

She has intervened in a row at the National Library of Scotland over excessive displays of the St.Andrew's Cross !

Some SNP sympathiser there seems to have decked out his/her desk with 3 large flags and covered their office chair with tartan ! In short , one of the desks at the National Library looked like a shortbread tin with Fran and Anna on the lid .

Unsurprisingly , management considered this a tad over-the-top .

This being Leftist , public sector management , matters of taste or proportion could not be used to justify having the display removed or toned down - that would be judgemental . Instead , a complete cop-out was agreed , whereby the display was banned on the grounds that it could ""intimidate non-Scottish colleagues".

Playing the Race Card !
Now two leftist causes come head-to-head !
Did Scottish Nationalist socialism trump the Racism construct ?

Ms. Grahame clearly knew .
The e-mail has prompted a wider debate about workplace etiquette and the politicisation of the saltire, with Nationalist MSP Christine Grahame lambasting a "completely unacceptable slur" against Scotland's national flag.

The MSP – who yesterday protested in front of the library in Edinburgh brandishing a large saltire – accused managers of a "deliberate assault" on the flag and of trying to "purge" it from view.

She said: "I would have thought that in the National Library of Scotland, they would have understood the place the saltire has in Scottish hearts as one of the oldest national symbols in existence."

That the said St. Andrew's Cross (why do they call it "The Saltire" if they don't subordinate our nation's flag to petty anti-racism?) was flying above the building , along with Ms.Grahame's hated "butcher's apron" , cut no ice .
The right to work draped in national symbols was so sacred that no criticism was to be allowed .

Most reasonable comment on the debacle came from Annabelle Goldie (sometimes she does speak up).

Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie blamed Alex Salmond, saying: "Incidents like this are happening because Alex has politicised the saltire. I warned him a year ago that the saltire was our national flag, not his Nationalist symbol."

Very true , Annabelle , but that's the whole point . Witness this comment from another leftist drone -
Academic Peter Lynch, who wrote a history of nationalism in Scotland, said: "This tells you that some people are a bit uneasy about the saltire as a symbol, but I find it hard to see why. It is not like the union flag, which has connotations of Northern Ireland and the Democratic Unionist Party. The saltire doesn't come with that sort of baggage."

Or this from Christine Grahame on another day she had skipped her medication -
A spokesman for Gordon Brown said: "In recent years the Union flag has all too often become the preserve of political extremists, a symbol of discord rather than harmony." Thankfully the Saltire carries no such connotations.

There we have it . In Leftie Nat-Land the Union Jack , flag of the most successful political union in history , custodian of freedom , destroyer of tyrants , slayer of Fascism and National Socialism , freer of the slaves , is a symbol of evil .
It must not be displayed , but replaced by Scotland's older national emblem which is incorporated into it . National consciousness must be replaced by Nationalist consciousness , then , eventually ,Communitarianism .

But that , of course , doesn't apply to other devolved governments - they also are evil and must be shunned , lest we should be reminded of our many shared links .

Pathetic !


Funny how they never like the way our flag was displayed before the Union ...

or , how working class Scottish patriots choose to display their country's flags ?

Monday, 22 June 2009


Where can I begin ? The new Speaker of The House of Commons - John Bercow .
Unprincipled , pseudo-Blairite clone on the make or merely a troughing chancer ?

"I resemble that remark !"

For me , any doubt that he was just another of Tony's cronies , shoe-horned into his position as a tame Labour placeman was dispelled by the reaction of the Labour benches to his election . First some harridan shouted out "Yes !" as if in the throes of passion . Then the other drones started to applaud . Both very un-Parliamentary behaviours .

What their agenda is , we will find out in due course . The fact remains , however , that , yet again , the machinations of the Labour Party have further demeaned one of the great offices of state and Parliament in general .

Shame on them !

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Waterloo Day

Happy Waterloo Day !

194 Years free from continental-wide "Progressive" oppression .

The May Day holiday should be abolished and replaced with this Glorious Anniversary .

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Empire Jack

While checking out Jeremy Thorpe's biography for my earlier post , I found out that his grandfather was this fine chap who bore the superb nickname of "Empire Jack".

Place him next to his grandson and you have an allegory of exactly what has happened to this country .

(Right enough , Thorpe would be a shining beacon of patriotism , morality and restraint when compared to our modern political masters).

An Intended Consequence ?

In today's Mail a disturbing report on the consequences of "political correctness" , the Marxist thought control system .

Apparently anti-terror police are searching people and properties , against whom there is no evidence of wrong-doing and who the police know to be un-involved in any terrorist activity , purely to make such statistics racially balanced .

Naturally , when the terrorist menace is Islamist in character , the vast majority of suspects will be of a Middle-Eastern or sub-continental racial group . To pretend otherwise is deluded at best and malicious at worst .

For the police to waste time , deliberately , to fulfill racial quotas is plainly wrong , in terms both of justice and operational efficiency .

That Marxist dogma has so corrupted our police force should shock and alarm us all .

False Economy

According to Guido , nice , middle-of-the-road ,fluffy ,etc.,.Nick Clegg , has decided that Britain should not have nuclear weapons , but should concentrate on "priorities" like "skoolsnospitals","Gay" rights ,useless ugly wind-mills and oh-so-effective "recycling". Apparently “We have to be realistic and candid about what we can and can’t afford as a nation”.

Here's my comment , which Guido has yet to delete .
All of the arguments against Defence spending are driven by the politicians’ need to spend on “skoolsnospitals” to secure popularity .
This is compounded by their tendency to concentrate spending on “fighting the last war”.
In the 90’s we were told that the Cold War was over , so disbanding half the army was justified – now we’re chronically short of troops .
In the 80’s Labour wanted to do away with OUR nuclear weapons to help their Commie pals and were threatening to build up British armoured units in Germany – is that sensible now ?
In the 60’s Labour and the Liberals (yes , Jeremy Thorpe did make it his key defence policy) withdrew all our troops from east of Suez . That’s why the Persian Gulf , along with much of the Middle East became so unstable and why we are unable to project power much beyond Cyprus . No rogue states or major problems in that half of the globe , so that worked out well , didn’t it ?
That same Wilson Government also savagely reduced our infantry regiments to the extent that we needed to use artillerymen , engineers and even bloody sailors as infantry in Northern Ireland just a couple of years later !

Double defence expenditure now ! Don’t fritter away our country’s power and influence on MRSA extension or the the National Ignorance and Criminality Programme which is comprehensive education !

In one way I do agree with Mr.Clegg we do need to be realistic about what we can afford . Unlike him , I would go through the public sector with a metaphorical machete in order to release enough money to keep this country safe and powerful .
Clegg wants to rely on others (very unsafe under The Obamessiah) or trust to our luck .
Or is it that Mr.Clegg doesn't believe in Britain being a nation state at all , wanting to submerge our forces in a Euro-Army ?
Sadly , it appears that our current government has the same idea .

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cameron Speaks As A Briton

David Cameron seems to be coming under attack from the Leftists for using a mock German accent in this clip .

Stalinist Thought Police cretins !
They clearly need re-education - the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact ended 68 years ago !

Even then , only "party comrades" were bound not to criticise our Nazi enemies - the leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party was not .

Read Archbishop Cranmer for more details .


Could it be that the Evil Chimpy Bushitler was correct when he described North Korea , Iraq and Iran as "the Axis of Evil" ?

Of course not ! All Progressive thought tells us that he was a war-mongering moron , the most mentally retarded human being since Ronald Reagan ,who did not possess the nuanced strategic outlook of his Democrat opponents , "French-looking" John Kerry and The Obamessiah (see The Guardian's cartoon below), .

The recent reports from Iran and North Korea are merely sinister right wing attempts to smear the reputation of the Obamessiah , made even more ridiculous by his recent inspiring sermons .

Clearly "Change You Can Believe In".

Try this link for a blog about what's happening in Iran .

The Joy of Marketing

Seen today engraved on a Tennant's Lager glass -

Our dedicated brewers at the
Wellpark Brewery use the water of
Loch Katrine , hops and barley to
bring you a pint with a crisp taste
and refreshingly clean finish .

Call me a pedant , but isn't Loch Katrine where Glasgow tap-water comes from ?

Monday, 15 June 2009

Russia's Got Talent

And we thought Susan Boyle was p**h !

This cannot be real , surely ?

(Stolen from Old Holborn)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Photos From Yorkshire

A couple of weeks ago I was in Richmond , in Yorkshire , in another feeble attempt to return to my vocation as a Classics teacher . Sadly , I made a complete a**e of the interview , so I won't be departing from Lanarkshire's socialist utopia just yet .
Thought I'd put up some of the photos I took as they're just sitting in a folder on my hard drive just now .
The Market Place - Pointy thing is the Culloden Monument , church is The Green Howards' museum .Further up the Market Place near a great chippy !The CastleBr.S.Evans on his way to another pub !Looking towards the dales .

Banking Crisis or Government Opportunism ?

Another excellent article in City Journal, this time from Tim Congdon regarding the British banking sector and the Government's ham-fisted intervention .

I was struck by the following line
"One could argue that, rather than nationalizing assets, the British state has been expropriating them."

Don't see much comment of that sort from Robert Peston !

Creating An Impression

The excellent Mr E notes that Colonel Gaddafi seems to have made an impression , although not , it seems , a good one , on Italian Equal Opportunities Minister Mara Carfagna

What better excuse , then , for me to post some more pictures of the EU's most attractive politician ?Mara Looking Efficient
And In Her Former Career

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Racism , Superstition and The Retreat From Reason

An excellent article in CityJournal by Dr.Theodore Dalrymple regarding the superstition of "Institutional Racism" and the MacPherson Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence 10 years ago .

Very interesting reading .

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

How University Should Have Been ....

....but never seemed to be .

(Hat Tip to The Devil's Kitchen)

Unite Against Fascism

Unite with whom against Fascism ?

Didn't like this mob of baying Marxist agitators attacking Nick Griffin of the BNP . It just makes him look like a martyr .

Here is the BNP's analysis of the organisation (it's OK it's not on their own site), here's Unite Against Fascism's official site and here is Wikipedia's entry .

They look like a bunch of vicious Marxist thugs , of the sort Comrade Stalin would have loved . National Socialism can only look bearable when compared with Bolsheviks like these .

I'll stick with Freedom .

Trade Union Traitors

Jack Jones , the TGWU leader in the 1970's has recently died . His death was met with the blandest of obituaries , especially in The Guardian . Only Mrs.Dale was courageous enough to break ranks , but was howled down by the hypocritical left .

Yet , a few days later , this article appeared in the Telegraph . No less an authority than Soviet defector Oleg Gordievsky exposed Jones as a paid Soviet agent . He should know , as he was his KGB handler !

This theme is continued in the latest version of The Spectator where Douglas Eden takes the story further , linking several other Trades' Union leaders to the Soviet and Czech intelligence agencies . He also points out their vicious , anti-democratic nature and their attitude to the Labour Party .

I particularly liked this quote from Lenin , regarding the Labour Party , directed to the sainted Sylvia Pankhurst "‘Support the Labour party as the rope supports the hanged man."

Read it all , then tell it to the next leftist drone who tells you "Fatcha single-handedly destroyed our country , innit ?"

Fools !

Euro Melt-Down Part 4

(Hat Tip to Archbishop Cranmer)

Euro Melt-Down Part 3

Electoral map of Scotland (by Council Area)

Liberals in sickly green , SNP bright green . Doesn't look good for Labour .
(Hat tip scottishpolitics.org)

Monday, 8 June 2009

No Police State Here . Certainly not !

Immoderate Opinion Of The Day

From a comment on Daniel Hannan's blog (regarding Cameron and Hague)-

Brussels-rent-boy-traitors both. String 'em up.

Euro Melt-Down - Part Deux

Has anyone being watching the BBC's coverage tonight ? Of course not . It's the middle of the night .

I've taped it to watch again .

It's like the Queen has died .

Or , more to the point , they would be much more jovial if such a catastrophe had occurred.

No attempt at impartiality when saying things like "It's been a bad night." Inane questions like "Do the BNP voters know that they have voted for a party with such repellent views ?" Polly Toynbee nearly crying because her beloved commissars lost to the Conservatives in Wales .

Let them eat cake ! How can these ingrates have turned against their wise and kind masters ?

They've even stopped the "It's a poor vote for the eevill Torees " bit , when it finally sank in that UKIP came second and they're a party which exists to tell the Conservative leadership that its more pro-EU and left-wing than its membership .

It seems to have clicked that , come the general election , almost all of these votes will be back to the Conservatives , however reluctantly , and that together they gained 46% !
Electoral Calculus makes that result a majority of 358 !

In an attempt to deflect the flak from the dieing days of the Great Leader's rule , they started off concentrating on the results from foreign countries on the continent. Then it dawned that the left were getting humped all over !

Ha !

I did feel sorry for the comely young continental lady who they employ as token EU correspondent . She looked so sad and bewildered at this terrible set-back for "The Project".

Now they've resorted to reporting the Lebanese elections to find a result more to their liking !

What joy it is to be alive this day !

Euro Melt-Down !

Oh , yes !

Better than a cool pint of Tartan Special on a warm , summer's day .

Better than a naughty flash of Kylie's underwear from beneath a skimpy mini-dress .

Better than .... Oh , dear !

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Sometimes we are forced to ponder the vicious intolerance of the Judaeo-Christian culture of the Western world and compare it to the open-minded philanthropy of other cultures .

Certainly this is what Barack Hussein Obama implied in his speech this week to a Muslim audience in Cairo .

It was good , therefore , to have this Islamic toleration confirmed by Egypt's Supreme Court's decision to ban Egyptians from marrying Israelis .

We have much to learn from Islam , clearly .

Brown Booed

And quite right , too . Showing such disrespect to Her Majesty and our gallant ex-servicemen . The occasion was about them , not him . He just doesn't get it .


Glasgow of the 50's

I have sometimes been accused by Leftists of wishing our culture to revert to the 1950's and that I ignore the inevitable triumph of progressive socialism .

There is some truth in this - I do think we had a much better culture before the left-liberals started to muck about with it in the 60's .

It has just occured to me that both they and I share this same nostalgia for that decade .

I see Scotland or Australia of the 50's as examples of cultural stability and virility .

They prefer to model our society on Poland or Rumania of that same decade !
Poland of the 50's

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bye , Bye , Municipal Labour

It doesn't get much better than this . We may , just may , be back to Marxism-free politics .
A Very British Dude has some musings on the possibilities here and here .

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Know Your Enemy

Shamelessly copied from Rantin Rab .

Know your enemy - The Socialist Hierarchy

1. Evil Controllers, drunk on power, convinced of their own righteousness. Nasty, vicious, vindictive bastards with grudges. No humour. Corrupt. Authoritarian. Bigoted. Extremely dangerous. Responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS. Detroys anything and everything that they do not understand or can control. Brown, Draper, Mandelson, Stalin

2. Champagne Socialists. Love to tell people how much they care, whilst eating fois gras. No real power other than that bestowed on them by Evil Controllers. Typical BBC types, Guardian readers, public sector management, social Services heads of department. Love telling other people how to live their lives and completely fucking it up. Aromatherapists driving new Volvos. Typical New Labour. Toynbee, Shoesmith

3. Bolshy Oiks. Most of Liverpool and the North. Jealous of everyone and everything, yet grabs/steals/pinches everything they can. Wishes they had the brains to be entreprenureal, so "acquires" as much as possible whilst never "selling out". John Prescott for example. Proports to speak for the working man whilst picking his pocket at every opportunity. People who sell hamburgers for £4 from filthy vans on the A1. Never wash their hands after taking a shit.

4. Airheads. Students who think that if you give an African a dollar, they won't demand your entire wallet. Vegetarians, greens, eco warriors. All for the "commune" until THEIR packet of Quorn goes missing from the fridge. Usually supported by the State and/or parents. Grow up to be Surveyors or Champagne Socialists. Swampy

5. Ethnic Socialists. Pretend to be socialist whilst sticking steadfast to their own agenda ie. I am special, fuck everyone else, I want it all for ME, it is my RIGHT as a Hutu, Rasta, Somali, Muslim, BNP Trade Unionist, disabled, woman, lesbian/gay, shirt lifter, Aboriginal artist. Dianne Abbot, Lee Jasper

6. Useful Idiots. Currently 18% of the population who would vote for a pig with a red rosette because Dad was a Labour man. The Welsh for example.