Saturday, 5 December 2009

Word Of The Day - Thermosceptic

An excellent article from Simon Heffer in The Telegraph .

He introduces us to two new words : thermomania for the irrational climate hysteria and thermosceptic for those of us who shake our heads at the whole circus .

The latest blow to the thermomaniacs is the leak of emails from the University of East Anglia which suggest a complete unwillingness to engage with the opposite point of view. This was rather how the church used to behave before Martin Luther, and it enforced its will by torture and burnings at the stake. With those sanctions not currently available, the thermomaniacs prefer simply to pretend that the argument has only one side.

That hits the nail on the head !

Nutters, anarchists, anti-capitalists, fanatics, absolutists: why are these people taken seriously? Three cheers for the Australians, who this week have started to rise up against this indoctrination and lunacy. Three cheers for David Davis and the Tories who think like him, who are at last telling Dave that this particular bit of grandstanding and bunny-hugging has the potential to cause the most extreme economic and political damage. At last, there is recognition not just that there are two sides to every story, but that when politicians conspire to limit argument, it is always an attack on the public interest

We can only hope that we have the beginnings of a resurgence of true conservatism in the English-speaking world .

Hat Tip to EU Referendum

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