Sunday, 6 December 2009

Fraser Nelson v Eco-Loonie

The scariest thing about Bob Ward , the skin-head loon ,is this piece of information in The Spectator

He is policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change at the LSE.

Scarier still is this quote from him on Wikipedia's Climategate page

"There needs to be an assurance that these email messages have not revealed inappropriate conduct in the preparation of journal articles and in dealing with requests from other researchers for access to data. This will probably require investigations both by the host institutions and by the relevant journals."

That's right , Bob , it's important not to prejudge the matter .

I especially like the line from Mr. Nelson (partially drowned out)

"That's right . I'm in the pay of the oil companies ."

Sums up the "debate" nicely .

Update !

More on the Grantham Institute for Climate Change from Rod Liddle

You will notice the institute is “for Climate Change”; ie there’s no question about the existence of climate change. It simply is.

Or , as he puts it here

If you work for, and are paid by, an institution which accepts climate change as a fact, then you will be disinclined to accept scientific evidence to the contrary. You hold climate change as an article of faith, and also a conduit for remuneration.

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