Monday, 30 November 2009

We're All Going To Die !

You've got to laugh at Climategate , haven't you ?

George Moonbat's lamentations at least had the virtue of honesty . He has let himself down a bit , though with today's description of Canada , yes Canada , as
This thuggish petro-state .
Lunatic !

Al-Jabeeba has been striving metrosexually to discredit the story while trying to avoid criticism for ignoring it (clearly their preferred option)- see Newsnight on Thursday .
Andrew Neil gave the story more weight and , mirabile dictu ,allowed a more favourable impression of we deniers to come out .

James Delingpole in The Telegraph has written some of the strongest stuff in the mainstream media , as has Christopher Booker .

Some excellent invective , as usual , from Gerald Warner .

Unfortunately , Will Heaven lets the side down and exhorts us , once more to think of the Polar Bears .

Much , much more of this to come ( or less if the Beeb gets its way).

Last word to Fausty .

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