Monday, 30 November 2009

Suffer The Little Children

Recently I was in a local school covering some classes in the sinisterly named RMPS (Religious , Moral and Philosophical Education).

All of the courses seem to have little to do with RE , except for the obligatory "Here's what the Hindus do" and "Here are the words of Allah , the Most Merciful and Most Just , as revealed to his Prophet (pbuh)" .
Not a word about Presbyterianism , the established religion , but plenty of modish leftist brainwashing .

I was looking through a textbook , printed in 1997 but still in general use , which was nothing more than a manifesto for New Labour's cultural and moral destruction of our society .

I looked up at the class of 12 year olds colouring in lethargically in their Bob Marley projects -
( I kid you not ! And they were encouraged to draw cannabis symbols , as well) - when I caught the eye of a cheeky looking young chap with , the now obligatory , gelled hair .

"Some amount o' rubbish in this book they've gien ye , son" , I observed .

"Aye , Sir . That's 'cos they're tryin' tae indoctrinate us" he sagely averred .

Out of the mouths of babes .

If 12 year olds in darkest , Old Labour Lanarkshire know what the Left are up to and hate it , the game must surely be up ?

Which brings us to the photograph at the top of this post .

You will recognise it as Al Gore's famed expose of the dangers to our planet of the Manbearpig - An Inconvenient Truth .

I found it in the top drawer of the desk I was teaching from .

I thought it was banned for use in schools , except with the use of highly prescriptive , corrective notes ?

No sign of them .

I told the class I didn't believe much in man-made global warming -
"You better no tell Ms. X that , Sir . She's red-hot on it !"

Was the reply .

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