Saturday, 7 November 2009

Monklands Mafia

Say hello to the Right Honourable Tom Clarke , M.P. for Coatbridge , Chryston and Bellshill .
Mr. Clarke , is the senior member of the Lanarkshire Labour mafia , representing the constituency then known as Monklands West when Labour-dominated Monklands District Council operated a system of sectarian discrimination against the native population of the area .

Times have changed , however , and Monklands District Council is no more .

It has been replaced by North Lanarkshire Council , having been merged with nearby Motherwell and Wishaw , and Cumbernauld and Kilsyth (which is in Dunbartonshire geographically , but that's the way of autistic brave-new-world reform).

So toxic was the Monklands Mafia brand , that very few of the joint council departments stayed in that area , most moving to Motherwell Civic Centre , Versailles of the Clyde Valley .

One department , however , remains .

The elegantly entitled (perhaps Orwellian would be a better description) Learning and Leisure Services has taken over the former Monklands HQ in Kildonan Street, Coatbridge .

"Well and good , you may say , but what's your point , caller ?"

My spies tell me that the Rt. Hon. Tom Clarke , M.P. has his constituency office within this building , paid for by the Council Tax payers of North Lanarkshire , behind a council-staffed reception desk , protected by council-employed security . In order to visit their M.P. the citizens of Coatbridge must go into a council office and negotiate with Council-employed reception and security staff to be ushered into the great man's presence .

In short , the Rt.Hon. Tom Clarke's office is hosted and staffed by a public body with which he has no official connection .

I don't think it's very healthy , or even ethical .
Is it even legal ?

I wonder , also , how much he claims in Parliamentary expenses to pay North Lanarkshire Council for this deluxe service ?

Just a thought .

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