Monday, 16 November 2009

Kenny MacAskill - Politician of the Year

Some readers will have voted in my poll "First to Kick The Bucket" Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi or Ronnie Biggs .
70.97% voted for train robber Biggs with 29.03% for the Pan Am bomber .

Sadly , for justice , it appears that both men have made miraculous recoveries on their release from prison . Quelle surprise !

Biggs now considers himself well enough to go to watch a football match . This latter-day Lazarus , we were assured , was too ill to speak or even swallow , and would surely die within days .

Now , again contrary to assurances , Megrahi is about to outlive the three month lifespan which was prophesied .

Not only that , but Kenny MacAskill , Scotland's "Justice" Minister , the man who released Megrahi amidst sanctimonious bleating about "compassion" and Scotland's unique "morality" is up for a "Politician of the Year" award !

Gerald Warner has the full story in The Scotsman
Yet there is good news too for MacAskill. He has been shortlisted for the Scottish Politician of the Year awards to be held next Thursday, the day before Megrahi passes the three-month supposed limit on his mortality. Doing the reverse of what the public wants, not just at Holyrood but in the wider arc embracing Westminster and Brussels, has become the virility test of "democratic" politicians. Providing no wayward statesman sets fire to the hotel this year, MacAskill could be in with a shout.

It seems too much to hope he should win, since such an award would be the most eloquent testimony to the outside world of the pygmy inadequacy of the post-devolution phenomenon euphemistically known as "civic Scotland".


Dark Lochnagar said...

That Gerald Warner's a fucking arsewipe BTW.

The Young Oligarch said...

I think he's quite good , DL .

Even when I don't agree with him , he's the only one who dissents from the sanctimonious , leftie pish spouted in the Scottish news media .