Monday, 16 November 2009

The Greatest Fans In The World ?

If these were Muslims desecrating a minute's silence of Remembrance , we'd be foaming at the mouth with justified anger .

Because they are Irish Republicans who have hijacked the Scottish Labour Party and many of our institutions and news media , not much is said . Sky Sports even turned the sound down to hide the shame of John Reid's Bhoys .

Rod Liddle breaks ranks , though .

Despite the appearance of being merely a football matter , or merely a Scottish matter , or merely a Glasgow matter , with all who don't want to think about it walking away after a short ritual condemnation "of both sides" , this is VERY important .

It is a political problem at the heart of British and Western civilisation .

Bolshevism and Irish Republicanism were both intellectual viruses released by the Kaiser to weaken his opponents in 1916-17 . He tried the same thing with Jihad , providing the inspiration for John Buchan's Greenmantle as well as various rebellions throughout the Empire and the root cause of the 3rd Afghan War .

The purpose of these crack-pot ideologies is to weaken the West and ultimately to bring it down .

Recognise your enemy .

Marxism , Irish Republicanism , Islamism .

Whether you walk away shaking your head , or stand up to their evil ideologies , they'll still be there and they're still out to get you .

The enemy within must be opposed and our culture reinforced and reaffirmed at every opportunity . Our culture , our morality , our civilisation .

Here endeth the lesson .


Dark Lochnagar said...

It was a disgrace and all Celtic fans should be appalled. Personally I would like to see the old firm in England because for too long the decent people of Scotland have had to put up with their bigotted hatred. If I had won that £90 m that was on from the lottery, I would have bought Rangers and built houses on Ibrox and waited til Celtic came up for sale as well. One of you is just as bad as the other, a plague on both your houses.

The Young Oligarch said...

Now , now , DL .

I did not even mention Rangers.

Indeed , it is many a long year since I have darkened the portals of Ibrox .

The point I was making was about the various cultural viruses released in our society .

The decent Celtic fans had no truck with this "demonstration" , but a smaller number , from a definite ideological perspective , proved that there is more than Islamism out to get us .

The knee-jerk reaction of shaking your head , condemning "both sides" , as if there was some moral equivalence , and walking on , just is not good enough .

It's not about football ; it's not about Celtic ; it's not about Rangers .

It's about our culture and our civilisation .

Time we stood up for it .

The Young Oligarch said...

Another thought , DL .

Why is it "bigoted hatred" to voice real political and cultural differences , but it is enlightened and non-bigoted to hate the fans of the team from a town a few miles away ?

Personally I cannae stand Airdrie or Hamilton Accies .

Mon the Well !