Monday, 16 November 2009

Callan Deid

It was with sadness that I noted the death of Edward Woodward . Callan and The Equaliser had him portraying the sort of patriotic common sense most British men stood for in the face of the Marxist cultural revolution .
(The officers aren't always right and often , these days , they are the enemy).
The Wicker Man had Britt Ekland getting her kit off and gyrating in a shameless , though attention-grabbing manner .

Of all the great lessons he taught us , the greatest by far was in his masterpiece Breaker Morant .

When asked by the court martial which of the Queen's Regulations gave him the authority to shoot enemy prisoners on the battlefield who had tortured and killed his CO and friend , and who were wearing British uniform , he replied -
Rule 303 !

Try telling that to the Iraq War inquiry . Then you'll know how far we've gone wrong .

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