Monday, 30 November 2009

Climate Update

Just seen some good articles in The Wall Street Journal .

Links here , here and here .

Well worth a look .

Suffer The Little Children

Recently I was in a local school covering some classes in the sinisterly named RMPS (Religious , Moral and Philosophical Education).

All of the courses seem to have little to do with RE , except for the obligatory "Here's what the Hindus do" and "Here are the words of Allah , the Most Merciful and Most Just , as revealed to his Prophet (pbuh)" .
Not a word about Presbyterianism , the established religion , but plenty of modish leftist brainwashing .

I was looking through a textbook , printed in 1997 but still in general use , which was nothing more than a manifesto for New Labour's cultural and moral destruction of our society .

I looked up at the class of 12 year olds colouring in lethargically in their Bob Marley projects -
( I kid you not ! And they were encouraged to draw cannabis symbols , as well) - when I caught the eye of a cheeky looking young chap with , the now obligatory , gelled hair .

"Some amount o' rubbish in this book they've gien ye , son" , I observed .

"Aye , Sir . That's 'cos they're tryin' tae indoctrinate us" he sagely averred .

Out of the mouths of babes .

If 12 year olds in darkest , Old Labour Lanarkshire know what the Left are up to and hate it , the game must surely be up ?

Which brings us to the photograph at the top of this post .

You will recognise it as Al Gore's famed expose of the dangers to our planet of the Manbearpig - An Inconvenient Truth .

I found it in the top drawer of the desk I was teaching from .

I thought it was banned for use in schools , except with the use of highly prescriptive , corrective notes ?

No sign of them .

I told the class I didn't believe much in man-made global warming -
"You better no tell Ms. X that , Sir . She's red-hot on it !"

Was the reply .

We're All Going To Die !

You've got to laugh at Climategate , haven't you ?

George Moonbat's lamentations at least had the virtue of honesty . He has let himself down a bit , though with today's description of Canada , yes Canada , as
This thuggish petro-state .
Lunatic !

Al-Jabeeba has been striving metrosexually to discredit the story while trying to avoid criticism for ignoring it (clearly their preferred option)- see Newsnight on Thursday .
Andrew Neil gave the story more weight and , mirabile dictu ,allowed a more favourable impression of we deniers to come out .

James Delingpole in The Telegraph has written some of the strongest stuff in the mainstream media , as has Christopher Booker .

Some excellent invective , as usual , from Gerald Warner .

Unfortunately , Will Heaven lets the side down and exhorts us , once more to think of the Polar Bears .

Much , much more of this to come ( or less if the Beeb gets its way).

Last word to Fausty .

Sunday, 29 November 2009

More on The Frankfurt School

A very interesting post by Fausty .

Good link as well .

Having been back doing some part-time teaching for the past few weeks , the cultural relativism and open Marxism on view is much worse than even 5 years ago , far less when we had a Conservative government . But , be not deceived , the "project" was well under way even then .
Call Me Dave will do little to combat it .
In fact , sometimes I wonder if he's one of the Marxist infiltrators himself .

Monday, 23 November 2009

Europe v. Christ , King & Covenant

I am continually amazed by the way that modern "Scottish" nationalists are so in thrall to the ways of the European Community/Super-state .

I was brought up to be a Scottish nationalist and a British patriot and I loathe this feeble , anti-Christian , anti-Scottish/British institution .

Those who currently describe themselves as "Scottish Nationalists" , far too often , seem to despise the only true Scottish Nation there is -The Covenanted Nation of Scotland , as affirmed in the National Covenant , the Solemn League and Covenant , the Lanark declaration and the declaration of Sanquahar .

No doubt they will be overjoyed at the news that European tyranny has instructed us to change our laws to place the disgusting practices of Sodom above The L--d's Blessed Evangel .

Archbishop Cranmer has the full story . (Yes , I know , No Bishops).

God's people are crying out for The Truth openly to be told .

Time for this , perhaps ?

Brown To Win Next Election

Fantasy Island gets a re-make !

Details here , here and here .


The real source of this story .

We Serve No Redcoats Here

In the unlikely event that I ever visit Call Me Dave's constituency (it looks a tad expensive for me) , I will never drink in The Cross Keys .

How dare they ?

The Palin Effect

Now , I may be a dirty old man , but ...

Can we not have politicians like her this side of the Atlantic ?
Other than Yulia Tymoshenko of the Ukraine , that is ?

Scorchio !

More proof , were it needed , that man-made global warming is s***e .

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Roger Scruton and the Nomenklatura

Better Than A Dead Lion reminds me of an important article by Roger Scruton which I read in The Times a couple of weeks ago .

I should have posted a link then , but I was too demoralised by the process which he describes .

The Architect as Totalitarian

An interesting article by Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal on the brutalist , totalitarian architect Le Corbusier .

We have been able to judge for ourselves how repellent this architecture has been . I didn't realise that it was ideologically totalitarian , though .

Like so much of the thought of the 20th Century , it makes no sense to we mere mortals .

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Gaze upon the hideous countenance of our new master and despair !

Rod Seacole Liddle at The Spectator
I’ve just been looking up the history of Lady Catherine Ashton, who was appointed last week to the post of Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to the European Union. Nothing too taxing, just a quick browse through Wiki (which is almost always wrong, I grant you) and some other background stuff. It does occur that short of being a field officer for Al Qaeda she could not possibly have followed a career more damaging to Britain, nor more emblematic of where we are now. She began as an administrator for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, an organization so stupid even the Russians burst into laughter when its name was brought up. This was followed by a spell at the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work, the institution which works hard to inculcate in our social workers incompetence, stupidity and political correctness. Then she hopped over to the National Council for One Parent Families, an organization which likes one parent families and thinks they are a Good Thing. Later, she received an award from the unspeakably ghastly homosexuals at Stonewall, presumably for some hideous manifestation of political correctness.

For all this stuff she was made a life peer. Then, without the remotest experience in trade matters she was appointed EU trade commissioner. Never elected by anyone, anywhere, totally unqualified for almost every job she has done, she has risen to her current position presumably through a combination of down-the-line Stalinist political correctness and the fact that she has the charisma of a caravan site on the Isle of Sheppey. Quite incredible, really. And I spent valuable hours having a go at that poor woman Jeanie, the Devon County Council equality rights and gypsy awareness officer, when this unelected, useless, nonentity was poised to take the second most important job in Europe

Thursday, 19 November 2009

What Is Prison For ?

A rather good blog post by Peter Hitchens muses on this question .

Monday, 16 November 2009

Kenny MacAskill - Politician of the Year

Some readers will have voted in my poll "First to Kick The Bucket" Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi or Ronnie Biggs .
70.97% voted for train robber Biggs with 29.03% for the Pan Am bomber .

Sadly , for justice , it appears that both men have made miraculous recoveries on their release from prison . Quelle surprise !

Biggs now considers himself well enough to go to watch a football match . This latter-day Lazarus , we were assured , was too ill to speak or even swallow , and would surely die within days .

Now , again contrary to assurances , Megrahi is about to outlive the three month lifespan which was prophesied .

Not only that , but Kenny MacAskill , Scotland's "Justice" Minister , the man who released Megrahi amidst sanctimonious bleating about "compassion" and Scotland's unique "morality" is up for a "Politician of the Year" award !

Gerald Warner has the full story in The Scotsman
Yet there is good news too for MacAskill. He has been shortlisted for the Scottish Politician of the Year awards to be held next Thursday, the day before Megrahi passes the three-month supposed limit on his mortality. Doing the reverse of what the public wants, not just at Holyrood but in the wider arc embracing Westminster and Brussels, has become the virility test of "democratic" politicians. Providing no wayward statesman sets fire to the hotel this year, MacAskill could be in with a shout.

It seems too much to hope he should win, since such an award would be the most eloquent testimony to the outside world of the pygmy inadequacy of the post-devolution phenomenon euphemistically known as "civic Scotland".

Callan Deid

It was with sadness that I noted the death of Edward Woodward . Callan and The Equaliser had him portraying the sort of patriotic common sense most British men stood for in the face of the Marxist cultural revolution .
(The officers aren't always right and often , these days , they are the enemy).
The Wicker Man had Britt Ekland getting her kit off and gyrating in a shameless , though attention-grabbing manner .

Of all the great lessons he taught us , the greatest by far was in his masterpiece Breaker Morant .

When asked by the court martial which of the Queen's Regulations gave him the authority to shoot enemy prisoners on the battlefield who had tortured and killed his CO and friend , and who were wearing British uniform , he replied -
Rule 303 !

Try telling that to the Iraq War inquiry . Then you'll know how far we've gone wrong .

The Greatest Fans In The World ?

If these were Muslims desecrating a minute's silence of Remembrance , we'd be foaming at the mouth with justified anger .

Because they are Irish Republicans who have hijacked the Scottish Labour Party and many of our institutions and news media , not much is said . Sky Sports even turned the sound down to hide the shame of John Reid's Bhoys .

Rod Liddle breaks ranks , though .

Despite the appearance of being merely a football matter , or merely a Scottish matter , or merely a Glasgow matter , with all who don't want to think about it walking away after a short ritual condemnation "of both sides" , this is VERY important .

It is a political problem at the heart of British and Western civilisation .

Bolshevism and Irish Republicanism were both intellectual viruses released by the Kaiser to weaken his opponents in 1916-17 . He tried the same thing with Jihad , providing the inspiration for John Buchan's Greenmantle as well as various rebellions throughout the Empire and the root cause of the 3rd Afghan War .

The purpose of these crack-pot ideologies is to weaken the West and ultimately to bring it down .

Recognise your enemy .

Marxism , Irish Republicanism , Islamism .

Whether you walk away shaking your head , or stand up to their evil ideologies , they'll still be there and they're still out to get you .

The enemy within must be opposed and our culture reinforced and reaffirmed at every opportunity . Our culture , our morality , our civilisation .

Here endeth the lesson .

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cruel , But Accurate

Hat Tip to Guido .

More , courtesy of Mrs.Dale .

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sky News

A Sky News reporter has just choked up while reading tributes to the dead (Wed 11th Nov 19.06).

None of your metrosexual , PC BBC apparatchiks .

Patriot .

Real man .

Suffer The Little Children

Today I was supervising a class of 16 year olds in a local secondary school .

At 11.00 the school bell rang (unexpectedly , as far as I was concerned) and the class fell instantly and respectfully silent with their heads bowed .

At 11.02 the bell rang again and they returned to their youthful chatter and laughter .

Maybe things aren't so bad , after all .

I love this country .

Sunday, 8 November 2009


For all the Empire's dead , in all our wars .

We Scots are sentimental , like Andy Stewart's song , but sometimes it's right to be sentimental .

(Hat Tip to Rab)

Time To Restore The Death Penalty for Treason

What a real man looks like ....

.... and how he was treated in life .

Brown should swing for his betrayal of our troops .

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Monklands Mafia

Say hello to the Right Honourable Tom Clarke , M.P. for Coatbridge , Chryston and Bellshill .
Mr. Clarke , is the senior member of the Lanarkshire Labour mafia , representing the constituency then known as Monklands West when Labour-dominated Monklands District Council operated a system of sectarian discrimination against the native population of the area .

Times have changed , however , and Monklands District Council is no more .

It has been replaced by North Lanarkshire Council , having been merged with nearby Motherwell and Wishaw , and Cumbernauld and Kilsyth (which is in Dunbartonshire geographically , but that's the way of autistic brave-new-world reform).

So toxic was the Monklands Mafia brand , that very few of the joint council departments stayed in that area , most moving to Motherwell Civic Centre , Versailles of the Clyde Valley .

One department , however , remains .

The elegantly entitled (perhaps Orwellian would be a better description) Learning and Leisure Services has taken over the former Monklands HQ in Kildonan Street, Coatbridge .

"Well and good , you may say , but what's your point , caller ?"

My spies tell me that the Rt. Hon. Tom Clarke , M.P. has his constituency office within this building , paid for by the Council Tax payers of North Lanarkshire , behind a council-staffed reception desk , protected by council-employed security . In order to visit their M.P. the citizens of Coatbridge must go into a council office and negotiate with Council-employed reception and security staff to be ushered into the great man's presence .

In short , the Rt.Hon. Tom Clarke's office is hosted and staffed by a public body with which he has no official connection .

I don't think it's very healthy , or even ethical .
Is it even legal ?

I wonder , also , how much he claims in Parliamentary expenses to pay North Lanarkshire Council for this deluxe service ?

Just a thought .

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Repeal , Now !

Find this convincing ? I don't .

Repeal of the European Communities Act (1972) . Now !

Goodnight Vienna

I'm glad I have partaken of William Younger's Tartan Special Ale this evening .

God Save The Queen !

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

God Bless The British Empire

Fuck our European hegemons !

I am Free , British and I spit on them and their foreign tyranny !

Together we are a Loyal Rebellion .

(Watch the video all the way through , please , brethern .)

PS Death to the French !
(And all our other enemies who ,from this day , pretend to rule over us