Monday, 26 October 2009


Is this article written by a soft , southern poof or a mad EU fanatic , bent on the imposition of Central European (and possibly decimal) Time ?

He's certainly a sneering , offensive (not in a PC way) bastard .

Can anyone imagine a quality Scottish newspaper , like The Herald or The Scotsman used to be , running a headline like

"Tell English Farmers To Clock Off"

Naw . It's not very likely , is it ?

The guy's thesis seems to be that Greenwich Mean Time is a Scottish plot forced on the unsuspecting English by the skiving Sweaties , deliberately to kill small English children .

Fuck him !

There was me thinking that Greenwich Mean Time was based on the latitude and longitude of Greenwich , which is not in Scotland , but in the South East of England .

Even worse , and more stupid , is this assertion

The reason Labour hasn't done anything about it can be summed up in one word: Scotland, and Scottish farmers in particular. Gordon Brown is so paranoid about losing support in Scotland that he cannot bring himself to do something that could actually raise Labour's popularity even at this late stage by improving the lives of everyone.

Let's look at this on two levels .
Firstly one small , despised group (Scots and Scottish farmers) are deliberately inconveniencing "everyone" .
Note that it is not "everyone else" , but "everyone" .
Therefore Scots and Scottish farmers , in the Guardian's view , do not count as real people . Perhaps we could more accurately be referred to as Untermenschen , rather than the more euphemistic Jocks or Sweaties .

And this is the paper which hates the BNP and Nick Griffin because they're Nazis ?

Secondly , since when has the Scottish rural lobby had any influence in Labour politics ? Here's an electoral map of Scotland (shortly to feature a lot less red).

You will note that the Labour Party doesn't have a lot of representation outside the Central Belt . Indeed , the only predominantly rural constituency it holds is Dumfries and Galloway where it expended more effort than in all the other constituencies together to unseat Peter Duncan , leader of the Scottish Conservatives . If they hold it in 2010 Gordon will be well on the way to forming another government - and we know how likely that is .
Clearly , therefore , it is the band of SNP , Lib-Dem and Tory MPs from these Scottish rural constituencies which is forcing Gordon's hand ?
What a load of pish !

Let us come , then , to the writer's solution to this Jock-inspired genocide - the imposition of Central European Time .

That is basically it .

Despite all the hatred spewed at Scotland and the Scots , all he really wants is the whole UK to be further "harmonised" with our continental friends .

The clocks will still go back and forward , we'll still have the same amount of daylight (despite his claims of "an extra hour of daylight") , it's just that we'll be exactly like the French and Germans ! Hoorah !

Euro-Federalism propelled forward by ethnic hatred and slurs against fellow Britons ?

How very New Labour ! How very European !


Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, My preference would be for BST all year round and fuck a few farmers in Shetland. Lives would be saved and existence would be more pleasant with an extra hour at night. I hate when it's dark at 4 o'clock,

The Young Oligarch said...

My complaint isn't about changing the time arrangements , DL (although I'm not happy about CET). It's this guy's anti-Scottish spite , coupled with outright lies that I hate .

Goodnight Vienna said...

It's the Guardian YO - they're anti-everybody, but yes, it was a spiteful piece. The 'harmonisation' of time zones and doing away with GMT has been mentioned in Brussels. If we're to become one nation under Juncker then it makes sense (to them!). Everything will have to be harmonised.