Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Newsnight , Boris and Irish GDP

I saw this excellent interview on Newsnight , last night .
Excellent in that Boris was able to get the better of the odious Paxman by force of his adopted persona .

The tide has turned .

Later , on Newsnicht , we in Scotland were subjected to a hatchet job jointly on Conservatism and Euro-realism , in which the second Irish referendum was viewed through the prism of what lessons it should teach the Scottish electorate . The answer , of course , was that UKIP and the Conservatives were wild-eyed loons , the SNP were dangerous separatists and Labour was the people's only salvation .

How surprising .

What was surprising was a statistic one of the Irish Euro-drones came out with
the Irish Republic's per capita GDP is 40% greater than Scotland's .

That's Scotland with the oil ; and the industrial revolution ; and the financial services sector ; and the largest fishing industry in Europe ; and the oil .

The country which has soaked up much of Southern Ireland's excess population for the past century and a half , while being a mainstay of Britain and the Empire .

Scotland which lost 100,000+ in the First World War while Southern Ireland turned traitor and supported the Kaiser .

Scotland which contributed fully to victory in the Second World War , while Southern Ireland more or less openly sympathised with the Nazis .

What has Southern Ireland got ?

That's right , Euro-money out of our pockets .

Some would see this as reason for Scotland to declare independence and join in the Euro-gravy-train . I see it as evidence of the corruption and oppression of the European "Project".

A plague on it !


Dark Lochnagar said...

I would agree with you about the E.C. I am coming to the conclusion that we have to adopt the Norwegian model.

The Young Oligarch said...

That would be the Norway who's parliament has just given the Obamessiah the Nobel Peace Prize for doing the square route of f**k all ?

Why don't we try the Swiss model , instead , DL ?

They hate everybody , are still extremely rich and don't have mad leftie politicians like these -
Norwegian_Labour_Party .

Check out the not-sinister-at-all party HQ -

With lunatics like that in charge I'd start feeling nostalgic for McConnell !