Wednesday, 21 October 2009

More Cameronians

The Disbandment of The Cameronians(Scottish Rifles) at Castle Dangerous , in Douglas Dale , in 1967 .

Yet another reason to hate Harold Wilson .

Here is the sermon by Dr. Donald MacDonald , the regimental chaplain .

He sounds strong in The Lord .

We could do with some ministers like him these days !

Part 5

Part 6

And here they are at Blenheim in 1704 , not long after they were founded (Steenkirk in 1692 was their first battle).
Here they are flying the St.Andrew's Cross as their standard , being part of the Scottish army in Marlborough's coalition force . Before the Union , two separate army establishments under the same monarch .
We did well to beat the Jacobites' pals in these wars against despotism , but many who don't know better will just whine on about Bonnie Prince Charlie and how hard done by the MacDonald's of Glencoe were .

Scotland : distinct and proud .

As British as British can be .

While I could be persuaded of a case for Scottish nationalism in a post-British world , the revisionist "land of the bogs and the little people" mopery makes me sick . And , like many others , I'm not ready to give up on Britain and freedom yet .

The real Scotland is the Scotland of Richard Cameron and William Cleland , not the "cowardly Italian" or Mel Gibson .


Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, That old meenister sounds like he would spout fire and brimstone right enough!

The Young Oligarch said...

Too true , DL . See the medal ribbons on him , as well ?

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