Sunday, 11 October 2009

Licence Is Not The Same As Liberty

An interesting piece in Canadian magazine MacLean's by Mark Steyn .

His subject - Britain's debased culture and the media's (especially the BBC's) contribution to it .
So just to delineate the Dantean circles of contemporary Brit celebrity: a BBC comedian says he masturbates to a show in which a woman says she’d enjoy farting in front of a man who calls up the grandfathers of nubile terpsichoreans and says he’s shagged ’em senseless in between their shifts as Satanic Sluts. Thank goodness Britain doesn’t have that debauched crass lowest-common-denominator Yank-style TV culture, eh? Wank wank pussy fart fuck fuck slut. Very Noël Coward.

Or , as he sums up ,

But licence is not the same as liberty.

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