Saturday, 24 October 2009

Climate Hysteria

(Hat Tip to EU Referendum)


Dark Lochnagar said...

Nice one Oli. How's it blawing up your high rise tonight. It's fucking wild in Ayrshire.

The Young Oligarch said...

Pure mad mental , DL .

I don't fancy being on the 18th floor with the Congolese asylum seekers !

F**k knows what sort of bizarre ceremonies they'll be performing to appease their angry gods !

Dark Lochnagar said...

There might be a bit of nooky on the go!

The Young Oligarch said...

I don't fancy being the White meat , though , DL .

And for those who might be so inclined (like the wee poof and his boyfriend who stay in one of the other towers and are barred out of all the pubs) , there is always the thought "After they've shagged you , are they going to eat you ?"