Thursday, 3 September 2009

Internet Socialism

The Guardian is running a comment piece today by one Joe Moran catchily entitled "Today's cultish interactivity is a poor substitute for a proper public sphere".

The gist of the article appears to be that blogging is rubbish , although gratifying to the mere individual who writes it and his handful of readers .

Our Joe , however , has a solution which will deliver us from the mediocrity and individualism of this disorganised interchange of ideas .
"A proper public sphere is collectively owned and more than the sum total of lots of individual interactions."

Mmm . State control .
Or , rather the control of people like Joe Moran and his Guardian-reading/writing/editing pals . Or "Party Comrades" as they're sometimes known .

That'll be good .

Ideas will be expressed more sparingly and the quality will thus rise because of the benign editorial control of our masters .

Great .

Of course , like every good Fabian , he has to dress this sinister totalitarianism up in cuddly guise .
No more threatening a public expression than the Shipping Forecast will be his model for future internet activity .
"The shipping forecast is broadcast to millions of people who, since they are not on ships, are not its intended audience. For them it has become a comforting, collective ritual which simply forms part of what Ralph Waldo Emerson called the "cumulative intelligence of the universe". It does not invite us to email or text our feedback; it does not care what any of us think as individuals. And so it belongs to us all."

Yes ! Free us from our individualistic chains !
Let us become the passive recipients of our masters' distilled , Party-approved wisdom !

Thank You , Comrade Stalin !

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