Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Daniel Hannan On The Irish Referendum

Daniel Hannan's latest blog post on the non-dabate and the slippery lies of Euro Federasts . He puts it much better than I ever could , so have a read .

The worst part for me , in all of these Euro-debates on the BBC , is the blatant lies , distortions and smears which the Beeb allows these characters to get away with . The constant interuptions which the interviewer permits clearly show what side of the dyke the Corporation is on .

More disturbing still , is the casual way MacMillan-Scott spouts these agreed lies , sophistries and smears of The Project against Hannan personally and the Euro-sceptics in general . How could someone so transparently anti-Conservative and so embedded in that Project become leader of the British Conservative group in the EU parliament ?

Cameron did well to get rid of him .

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