Monday, 31 August 2009

Political Correctness

A couple of videos I've discovered on Political Correctness .

First in America -

Link: PJTV The Narative plus History PC

Then in the Western World at large -

Link: The History of Political Correctness

The second one seems also to be included in the first , but I've posted it separately so that I can watch it in isolation later on .

Both are rather long , so don't watch them unless you've got plenty time e.g. if you're an insomniac bachelor who's off the drink till the weekend .

Hat Tip to Do Not Stray From Your Tour Group

PS Here it is in a more watchable format on The Iconoclast .


Anonymous said...

A great find - thank you! I'll be blogging it too.

The Young Oligarch said...

Cheers , Fausty .

Try the link from The Iconoclast at the bottom . It divides it up into 3 manageable chunks .