Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Obama & The Jokers

The usual suspects are getting worked up by this anti-Obama poster , see here and here .

"How can THEY treat the Chosen One with such disrespect?" appears to be the major reaction .

Some lunatics have even chosen to see it as "raaaacist" , using their usual convoluted , Marxist logic .

"it's a moot point whether the intention was bigoted: the simple fact of publishing an image of a black president with his face covered in white greasepaint but for the eyes and a red slash of a mouth can't help but evoke a minstrel aesthetic, even if it's in reverse."

Or more revealingly -
"It is mean-spirited and dangerous."

Obama is a man of mixed race , ergo any caricature of him is taboo .
Also he is OUR man of mixed race , so criticism must be silenced .

This is from a newspaper , let us remember , which daily portrayed President Bush as a slavering , war-mongering moron , half man and half monkey who lived on bananas and used his feet as hands .
Bush As Genetic Throw-back
The Swaggering Unilateralist Cowboy
9/11 as God's (sorry , Gaia's) Judgement On The Genetic Throw-Back President (Who By The Way So Lost The Election To St. Al Gore)

These people must have no shame !


I recently watched the BBC 1979 election programme . I was impressed by the way the issues were debated and the candidates were treated with respect .
There was only one fly in the ointment . A far left , pro-IRA campaigner shouted down poor old Jim Callaghan's gracious speech at the count .
Leftists have been doing that ever since , but they can't take it when it's dished out back !

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