Friday, 7 August 2009

No Gay Imams ! Certainly Not !

I really must stop reading The Guardian . It just cracks me up every time .

Today's Pick of the Crop comes from Delwar Hussein under the headline - "Gay, straight or MSM?".

I was looking for pictures of wimmin clad in skimpy dungarees , honest .

Anyhow . The bold Delwar introduces us to the multi-cultural , flexi-sex utopia that is Bangladesh .
7%-15% of Bangladeshi men over the age of 15 (that is between 2.5 million and 5.25 million people) have sex with another man at least once a month (most will do so while they are single and stop once they get married).

A bit strange by Lanarkshire cultural standards , but who are we squaresville bigots to judge ? These happy-go-lucky , but definitely not "Gay" , chaps are known by a delightfully euphemistic title .
the(y).. are not "gay" but fall within the looser category of "men who have sex with men" (MSMs).

Heaven forfend that such conduct be labelled with the despised "G" word !

These non-Gay Bangladeshis get a difficult time from the Police , apparently , but help is at hand . A charity has started to hold
"sensitisation workshops" where the police, local elected bodies, journalists, doctors and lawyers are educated on the problems MSMs face.

Sounds a bit sore to me !

The best bit , though , is the involvement of the Religion Of Peace .

Many of us will have been lulled into a false sense of security as regards Islam's attitude to MSMs . We may , for example , have seen such pronouncements as
The Prophet said:"Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets it be done to him."
as a fairly cut-and-dried exposition of Islam's view on the matter . But we would be wrong .
Suleman, an imam at one of the largest mosques in Dhaka, lives with this kind of contradiction every day. None of his family or colleagues suspect anything about his relationship with his male partner, who is publicly acknowledged as "just a friend"... A few years ago Suleman married a woman. Having fulfilled his social and religious obligations in both public and private matters (they have two children together), he is free to continue his relationship with his "friend".

Nice to see the wife being a respected and valued part of society , isn't it ?

Mr.Rennie of Queen's Cross , Aberdeen has clearly been doing some ecumenical outreach work . Just don't tell Osama bin Laden .


One final piece of hilarity from this .

The support group for our MSM friends ? Boys of Bangladesh .

That'll be leather bunnets and big moustaches all round , then !

But remember ... They are not "Gay" !

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