Sunday, 23 August 2009

Lockerbie Shambles

I have been holding back from commenting on this story . My initial reaction was very different from some other bloggers whose opinions I usually respect .

I think it is an affront to justice that this man has been released .

He has been convicted of a vile crime killing many Scots , Americans and other nationalities in a gruesome way . Anyone who remembers the details of the trial will still be horrified by this evil crime and will probably have supported , as I do , the imposition of a capital sentence on the man convicted .

The decision to release him , however , could have been made by any of the leftist politicians of any of the parties who dominate British and European politics . The same decision would have been made by a German Christian Democrat , a Spanish Socialist or a French Green .

All leftists believe that the criminal is not really to blame for his evil deeds . Poverty , racism , sexism , homophobia , Islamophobia , or some other state of contrived victimhood has forced him into his actions . He is a mere automaton and , therefore , the true victim .

But who then is to blame for the crime , if not the criminal ? Well , obviously , it is the oppressor classes who have inflicted this poverty , racism , etc., on the poor criminal - who other than the object of his justifiable assault on the society which has so oppressed him ? - the victim .

Therefore the guilty become innocent and the innocent guilty .

Under such circumstances it would be almost impossible for Mr.MacAskill not to have released the convict Megrahi (or "Mr. Megrahi" as the minister was so quick to label him) as doing so merely uses the same standard of justice as is applied to home-grown criminals .

Time for Change !


Dumitru Caruntu said...

Freedom for Basarabia (Moldova)
A şaptea dimensiune

Dillinger737 said...

That's a pretty accurate portrayal of the collective leftist mindset. My own dear brother holds that very misinformed view. I will simply never understand how, even in the mind of compassion, that justification can be made for returning the life of a man who maliciously and calculatingly extinguished the lives of not one, not even a few, but hundreds of innocent civilians. We are indeed in a war for civilization and the majority of that war isn't even the violent part. Much of the war is being fought in the courts where our very enemy is successfully using our own legislation to defeat us on our own ground. Very frightening.