Sunday, 2 August 2009

Harriet Demands Her Rights !

It was with great interest , indeed enthusiasm , that I read of People's Commissar Harmen's proposal that party comrades should ,in future , be compelled to elect her to the Chairmanship of the Politburo .
Is not the people's historic struggle for 3-year maternity leave on double pay , kindergartens in the executive lounge and breast-feeding in the barrack-room held back by only ONE minority group of malcontents and counter-revolutionaries ? The penis-wielding oppressors , potential rapists and latter-day kulaks ? Yes , MEN !
Some Typical Kulaks , Speculators and Counter-Revolutionaries , Yesterday

These lackeys of Imperialism and International Capitalism have brought nothing but shame and trouble on the People .

Are they not responsible , in a haze of testosterone fuelled destruction for the evils of war and competition ?

A proper , feminine leadership would surely be able to empathise with the People's future friends (enemies is so negative a word) and avert tragedies such as the disastrous genocide of the peace-loving German leadership in 1945 .

Can one not see the consensual peace-summit between Commissar Harmen and Herr Hitler deciding how best we could hand over our territory and resources to help the Herrenvolk gain their justified place in the sun ? A joint communique could be issued between Ms. Harmen and Fraulein Braun deploring the despicable aggression of the war-mongering Poles . (They're very sexist and homo-phobic , don't you know).

The evils of competition and male-dominated "Yah! Boo!" politics will be smoothed over when a more enlightened , feminine style of debate is employed .A Female Politician Is Always Respected By Her "Sisters"

"Men can't be trusted " she sagely averred .

A permanent female leadership for "the political arm of the British people" is the only answer .

A bright future , indeed .

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