Thursday, 27 August 2009

Hannan and Enoch

The odious Guardian today tries to blacken Daniel Hannan's name , again , because of his naming Enoch Powell as his favourite British politician .

He's not exactly alone in his views , is he ?

In my view , Enoch Powell was the towering giant of post-war British politics . Indeed , as a thinker , a patriot and a man he's right up there with Churchill and Pitt as far as I'm concerned .

Typically the Guardian digs up some NuLabour back-bench drone to comment .

"When another Tory candidate praised Enoch Powell in 2007, David Cameron criticised him and he was forced to resign. The question now for Cameron is whether he will take similar action against Daniel Hannan."

Of course ! What politics in this country needs is more spin and less thought ! Total obedience to the party line must always be enforced and any one who praises the most widely admired politician of the post-war era must be cast into outer darkness !

And they wonder why politics is held in such low regard ?

Anyway , if Enoch Powell was the baby-eating pariah they imagine , how come the left's darlings Dennis Skinner and Anthony Wedgewood Benn were so pally with him ?

Or is the plan really to restrict and silence Conservative thought ?

I think we know .

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