Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hamas and the 450 Virgins

We are , by now , used to the BBC's creepy , pro-Islamist nutter , anti-Semitic bias .
The Beeb have , though , surpassed themselves in the piece on News 24 today eulogising the Hamas terror-pathology in Gaza .
The presenter , to emphasise the strength and virility of Hamas , and their commitment to Allah's work , used as a back-drop a mass wedding of 450 young terrorists to their forced brides .

Al-Jabeeba , however , glosses over the truth about many of the brides , see here .

A look at some Hamas video of the happy event is , in this case , more instructive .

It's particularly cute when the "brides" and grooms walk in hand-in-hand ( round about 4.25 mins).

Ah ! Young Love !

Hat Tip to The Iconoclast


This post says the girlies aren't the brides . Apparently the brides don't wear wedding dresses , it's their young relatives who do . Aye , right .


A sceptical reply to the last link , with some very interesting links .

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