Friday, 14 August 2009

Christine Grahame - Enemy of The West

I've blogged about this vile SNP harridan and her anti-British , anti-Scottish hatred before . Her historical revisionism , in seeking to blacken Britain's flag as a "butcher's apron" , her crack-pot schemes to deck every public space in St.Andrew's crosses and her plans to annex Berwick to her brave new "independent" Scotland are all very reminiscent of inter-war nationalist regimes on the continent .
You know - the ones that weren't quite Fascist or National Socialist .
In fact the ones that the SNP were very keen on emulating in the 30's .
One can only imagine what role that party , and people like Christine Grahame , would have played had Britain been invaded by the Nazis in 1940 - what's the feminine of Vidkun ?

Putting that aside , watch her performance on Channel 4 News above .

Conspiracy theorist ? Terror apologist ? Blinkered fool ?

All of these things , I think , but , more importantly , all her beliefs seem to be informed by a knee-jerk anti-Westernism , manifested , in this country , as anti-Britishness and , on the world stage , as anti-Americanism .

A vote for the SNP , even more than for Labour , is a vote for this unthinking lunacy .

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