Monday, 3 August 2009

Arise Sir Barack ! (Part 3)

Article on this in the Guardian today by the egregious Gary Younge . Clearly it is bothering the left , even in this country with its monopolistic , self-censored news media .

One of the commenters makes the excellent point that most of those who propound conspiracy theories don't actually believe them , but use them merely as a vehicle to project their own political and social views (or as the Guardianista puts it "hate, racism and bigotry - but sometimes plain ignorance" because he doesn't agree with them).

I know that's why I'm interested in the whole thing . I can't stand the whole creepy Messiah complex and the anti-American , anti-Western rabble of a party which this man represents .

The more his character , past and policies come under scrutiny the better as far as I'm concerned - he's had several free shots at goal every day from all the networks on both sides of the Atlantic .

We know nothing about him , except that he is good and pure , and has come to wash away the sins of the world .

He has no past and anyone who asks what he's been up to for the past 48 years is derided as a bigot .

There is something strange here .


A Kenyan birth certificate is going the rounds on the net -

It is clearly a forgery , as "The Republic of Kenya" did not exist in 1961 . The Kenya Colony did .

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