Sunday, 26 July 2009

Slash And Burn (Part 2)

If Proportional Representation is such a good idea , why didn't they have the referendum in 1997 ?

That this move is designed merely to weaken any in-coming Conservative government is emphasised by the fact that Labour would actually lose seats under such a system .

UK Polling Report currently has the Conservatives on 40% , Labour on 24% and the LibDems on 18% . Using Electoral Calculus this gives Conservative 375 , Labour 198 and LibDem 46 seats . A Conservative majority of 100 seats .

Under PR this becomes Conservative 258 , 155 Labour and 116 LibDem with 118 to others .

Labour have nothing to gain from this except to spread confusion , entrench their societal destruction , which they introduced with a non-PR mandate , and permanently weaken the power of Parliament .

Sounds about right . Just like the b*****ds !

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